Cabinet Peaks surgery technician gains certification

The Surgery Depart-ment at Cabinet Peaks Medical Center is eager to announce the achieve-ment of technician, Dean-na Hutchison, CRCST who recently became a Certi-fied Registered Central Sterile Technician (CRCST).
The CRCST certifica-tion program is designed to recognize individuals who have demonstrated the experience, knowledge, and skills nec-essary to provide compe-tent services as a central service technician. CRCST’s are integral members of the healthcare team who are responsible for decon-taminating, inspecting, assembling, disassem-bling, packaging, and ster-ilizing reusable surgical instruments or devices in a health care facility. The work done by CRCST’s is essential for patient safe-ty.

To earn this certifica-tion, Hutchison was re-quired to successfully demonstrate skills through completion of 400 hours of hands-on work experience in a Cen-tral Sterile Department, as well as successful com-pletion of an examination comprised of 150 ques-tions for which she trav-eled to Spokane, WA. These requirements were developed to measure the understanding of general central services and infec-tion prevention topics. Additionally Hutchison will be required to recer-tify annually through completion of continuing education requirements.
When asked about the training course, Hutchison reflected, “Studying for this course has taught me the very best ways to clean and sterilize equipment and instruments, as well as how they are used. It has broadened my knowledge of instrumentation in sur-gery and other depart-ments at CPMC.”

Hutchison continued, “This achievement has given me great joy, while also increasing my com-fort and confidence with-in my profession. I am grateful to CPMC for mak-ing this possible and to my surgery department manager, Sandy Morse. CPMC is very supportive and encourages their em-ployees in continuing their education; I’m proud to be a part of such an incredible facility.”
Sandy Morse, RN and Manager of the CPMC Sur-gery Department is proud of Hutchison. “Deanna has worked hard for the past year to study and receive this certification. Our entire department is proud of her hard work and dedication to her craft.”

For more information about Cabinet Peaks Med-ical Center’s Central Ster-ile or Surgery Depart-ments, please call 283-7000.