Christian School receives new microscope from CPMC lab

Submitted by

Kate Stephens


After the purchase of new equipment, Cabinet Peaks Medical Center Laboratory Department donated an Olympus Pathologist Grade Microscope to Kootenai Valley Christian School. The microscope has the capability to be displayed on a computer to make it easier to share results with students.

With upgrades always being needed in the healthcare field, it is important that the old equipment does not go to waste. In the past, the CPMC Laboratory Department has donated to other schools in the district, and they have plans to continue to donate and support the education of our local youth whenever possible.

“This is another way CPMC can give back to our community as well as hopefully pique the interest of students to learn more about the science and health care fields,” stated Roger Riddle, CPMC Laboratory Department Manger.  “Maybe someday they can return home and carry on the CPMC tradition of taking good care of our community.”

For more information on the laboratory services at Cabinet Peaks Medical Center, please call 283-7090.



Photo of Kootenai Valley Christian School students and there new Olympus Pathologist Grade Microscope which was donated to the school from Cabinet Peaks Medical Center Laboratory Department. Photo courtesy of Kate Stephens.