Congressmen visit to honor local veteran

By Tracy McNew

Congressman Greg Gianforte visited Libby’s L.A. Trotter on Saturday, April 14 to honor him with a Montana congressional veteran commendation and to present him with a flag that was flown over our nation’s capitol in his honor on Veterans Day.
The honor was bestowed on Trotter for his military service as well as his service to community after leaving the military. He was recommended for the award by local veterans.
Trotter who is now 99 years old, spent 44 months as a prisoner of war in the Philippines and Japan during World War II. He has since volunteered in his community through the VFW, Meals on Wheels and as a builder.
During the presentation Congressman Gianforte said, “On behalf of the U.S. Government and a very grateful community we are forever thankful for your service.”
The Congressman was joined by retired three-star U.S. Marine Corps General Jack Bergman, another representative from Michigan, to make the presentation. Both men flew to Libby from Washington, D.C. to personally meet Trotter. The event was attended by four generations of Trotter’s family as well.
Trotter’s grandson, Ben Sutton said, “A surreal experience it was, watching these men, each a true Statesman by definition chatting with my family, talking about the deer we each harvested last year, their wives talking with my wife, my mother and grandmother, and all laughing with me and watching my children play in the yard.”