CPMC’s Laboratory continues to update equipment

Cabinet Peaks Medical Center Laboratory has once again updated their equipment in an effort to continually provide top notch service with state-of-the-art technology to the people of Lincoln County.  In the month of March, the Laboratory Department received 3 brand new hematology analyzers: a Sysmex XN1000, a Sysmex XN450, and a Biofire Torch.  All three of these analyzers will help to decrease physician wait time, which, in turn decreases patient wait time and increases both physician and patient satisfaction.

CPMC’s new hematology analyzers, the Sysmex XN1000 and XN450 have been an important upgrade in technology for the CPMC Laboratory and have officially moved the department to the use of flow cytometry.  Flow cytometry is a technique used to detect and measure the physical and chemical characterizes of a population of cells or particles and helps provides quantifiable data from a sample.  This technique is routinely used for:

  • Cell counting;
  • Cell sorting;
  • Determining cell characteristics and function;
  • Detecting microorganisms;
  • Biomarker detection;
  • Protein engineering detection; and
  • Diagnosis of health disorders such as blood cancers.

The third new piece of equipment, the BioFire Torch, is used in the testing of the respiratory and G.I. systems, and its primary function is to diagnose influenzas, corona, C.Diff, norovirus, and many other similar conditions. While CPMC has had a comparable machine in the past, it could only run one test at a time.  With the addition of this Biofire, we are helping to increase effectiveness and decrease wait times.  This machine is replacing culture plates that were 80% effective in diagnosis and took 3-5 days for the results. With the new technology, the accuracy of testing jumps to 99.8%, with available results in just a matter of an hour or less.

Roger Riddle, CPMC Laboratory Manager, stated “Flow cytometry and the BioFire Torch are state of the art technology. It is what every laboratory wants, and CPMC is lucky enough to have. It helps our providers with a quicker and more reliable diagnosis for the patients, which translates to quicker treatment and essentially better overall care.”

For more information on the CPMC Laboratory or this new technology, call 283-7090.

Submitted by Kate Stephens