Diane’s raises $950 for Special Olympics attendance

When Achievements asked to put a change jar at Diane’s to collect money for the Special Olympics, business owners Diane St.Onge and Tammy Brown decided to do a lot more. They spent three weeks actively fundraising, and on Friday, Nov. 9, donated $970 to the cause.

“We really appreciate the community stepping up and supporting this important cause,” said Brown. “So much funding has been cut that for the last few years they couldn’t afford to go to the events.”

Libby Care Center donated $200, and others donated what they could toward the cause.

Donations help cover the cost of uniforms, travel, hotels, food and registration. Athletes pay their own way to these events, so fundraising is very important.

The athletes from Achievements participate in bowling and basketball events at the Special Olympics. The next event will be in December in Whitefish.

Tammy Kamper Brown gives $950 to Special Olympians from Achievements during their lunch at Diane’s on Friday, Nov. 9. Photo by Tracy McNew, The Montanian