Don’t miss out on all the Nunsense

The Kootenai Karacters have been around for awhile. Starting over 20 years ago, they are still going strong, and their latest offering, Nunsense is one of their best.
Director, Amy Smart has been performing with the Karacters for most of that time, and recently she has taken on the director’s role. After successful productions of last year’s Nordicfest melodrama, “the Ballad of Gopher Gulch,” and the seasonal offering of “Rollin’ Dough in Mistletoe” at the Hidden Chapel, Amy has tackled the more ambitious Nunsense, a musical-comedy by Dan Goggin (with special permission from Samuel French Inc.)
“I’m excited to be showcasing the immense talent in our community,” Smart told the Montanian. “Not only are folks getting 12 dollars’ worth of entertainment, but 100% of the proceeds go to scholarships,” she added. In fact, scholarships for graduating seniors are “what the Karacters are all about,” said Steve Lethrud, a longtime performer, stage builder, and lighting director for the group. “There has been at least one $1,000 scholarship per year, and, as many as three some years,” he continued. “We also help fund the high school band and choir trips” he said.
Steve is doing the lights and sets for this spring’s production, starring five very talented local women as sisters Robert, Hubert, Amnesia, Leo and reverend mother Regina.
The show stars Cindi Curits, Ashley Day, Sindy Filler, Molly Mathews-Woodruff, and Saryn Wilkenson in addition to the live musical performances of some of Libby’s most talented musicians.
Nunsense playing at the Little Theatre last weekend and will play again on March 24 and 25. Don’t miss out on this fantastic production.