Hav-A- Java’s Easter fun

On Saturday, April 13, the staff of Hav-A-Java had a very cute and grand idea. They collected rocks of various sizes and painted them with Easter themed patterns. They hid the painted rocks around Libby for a communitywide Easter “egg” hunt. The ladies then posted on the coffee shop’s Facebook page to let everyone know about their idea. The post read “I rounded up my girls and we painted rocks. Then we hid those 13 rocks around our beautiful Libby, in public places. If you find one, bring it to (Hav A Java) and we will exchange it for any 1 item off the menu… happy hunting!!!”

Seven of their “eggs” have already been found and exchanged, in other words, there are only a few more left to find. Six of them to be exact. “We just wanted to find a fun way to get people outside,” said one of the crew members. “And it’s not just for kids, the adults can join too!”

For more information about this fun hunt, call or visit Hav-A-Java.

By Dawn Manchester