KVCS Board meeting; new counselor, new computers, and necessary updates

By Danielle Nason


The KVCS Board meeting was held on Monday, Dec. 3.

The administration for Kootenai Valley Christian School (KVCS) reported that they had a good crowd for the Veterans Day program that was held on November 9th. KVCS kids performed a shorter version of the same program at the Libby Care Center the following week.

According to KVCS admin, they currently have 96 children enrolled, along with a total of 21 employees, including aides and daycare staff. KVCS reportedly has 10 full time employees and 11 part-time staff members.

KVCS is proud to announce that they have added counseling to their ministry outreach. Rachel Mitchell is the school’s new counselor and has her degree in psychology. Speaking of new, KVCS also added new computers and a new flat screen tv to update their equipment for the high schoolers. They also purchased a Wi-Fi extender for a classroom having trouble getting online access. Now that the online schooling is reportedly up to date and modernized.  KVCS board members sent a “Thank you” to all those who donated for the electronic upgrades that were needed. The money for the upgrades came mostly from individual contributions and from a book sale that was held earlier this year at KVCS. KVCS is hoping to make one more improvement before there is too much snow on the ground.  They plan to put up a fence to fully enclose the playground area. They will also be adding signs to the fence in the coming future.

A new teacher, Mr. Stiverson, has just started for the KVCS High School. December 3rd was his first solo day teaching his new class.  KVCS sends a thank you to Mrs. Pierce, who filled in until they could locate a new teacher to fill the position.

KVCS is currently looking into adding an international exchange program to its own programs.  The exchange program would provide a family for foreign student to stay with. The exchange student would then have the opportunity to get a high school diploma from the United States.

“We have the potential to reach out to the ends of the earth through the satellite program and other schooling options.” Said Mrs. Ruthanne Dolezal, Administrator of KVCS.

KVCS admin reports that their daycare program is going well, and they have an “awesome group of kids.”  The children are learning Spanish and enjoying other fun and educational activities. All staff who work in the daycare are CPR and First Aid certified. Currently the daycare program is accepting new children. There is also an open position on the KVCS School Board. They are looking for a new person to fill the position as soon as possible and are looking at applicants and considering several recommendations from other board members.

KVCS’ 22nd Annual Bowl-a-thon on December 1st raised approximately $,2,700. Management is considering replacing its bowl-a-thon in 2019 with a Rake-a-thon, opting to do something that would be more community service oriented for the kids. They plan to organize volunteer drivers, who take kids to predesignated houses.  The houses would be individuals that sponsored the kids to rake their yard, or someone else’s yard. The kids then have the option to go door to door if they see houses that look like they need their leaves raked. More details to come in the fall of 2019.

According to admin. assistant Chelsea Sanderson, in the first week of October 2018 KVCS got a higher than normal water bill. KVCS learned that they had a leak in a pipe, which later burst creating the higher than normal water bill. After talking to Jim Hammons, the city Administrator of Libby, KVCS was able to get a one-time forgiveness for part of the bill. KVCS had the issues fixed and is happy to report its next bill was back to normal

KVCS Christmas flower art done by Miss Kathy’s class. Photo by Danielle Nason, The Montanian.