KVCS’s Veterans Day program, Home of the Free Because of the Brave

By Danielle Nason


Kootenai Valley Christian School celebrated their 22nd Annual Veterans Day Program on November 9th at Libby Christian Church.  The program is one that they put on every year for local veterans as well as the community.  This program is something that each class practices individually to put on.

“Everyone who served or is serving – KVCS Welcomes you!”  Mrs. Ruthann Dolezal started with before welcoming everyone who had attended.  Each class from the school performed one song, dance, dance with ribbons, poem, sing-along, even a (glow in the dark) light show!, etc.

An hour before the program even began, the lobby and auditorium were full of lively children.  As they danced around and practiced their parts for the coming performance, I couldn’t help but see the excitement.  How great is it that each of these children were proud to present to everyone who wanted to come and watch, something that brought honor to this great country?  These kids snapped their fingers and “shot the artillery” in honor of those past who fought for us when we were not able.  And then one by one service members were called to the front and honored as a group and individually.  All service members active and inactive, were given a small token of thank you and a handshake before being seated again.

Photo of KVCS students at Libby Christian Church entertaining the public and giving thanks to Veterans for their service to our nation by Danielle Nason, The Montanian.