LES’s smoky evacuation scare

Libby’s Volunteer Fire Department responded to LES on March 26 and removed a smoking classroom heater motor. Once cleared, students returned to their regular school day.  Photo courtesy of LES.


By Danielle Nason


On Tuesday morning, March 26 the alarms rang out at Libby Elementary School as children and staff were evacuated from the building.

A motor in an old heater began smoking at the school. As a safety precaution, all students and staff made their way to the gym to wait for further information and instruction. On a positive note, there was no cause for concern for students, as everyone was safe, and likely enjoying their break from classes.

All available units responded to the call and Libby’s Volunteer Fire Department was able to remove the motor and air out the building, removing most of the smoke. After a brief break for everyone, the school was cleared by the fire department and students were back in classes.

“Thank you to staff and students for remaining calm and following proper evacuation protocol. Also a huge thank you to the Libby Volunteer Fire Department for their quick repose and dedication to the safety of our community,” was posted on Libby Elementary School’s Facebook page.

According to a source at the school, there was minimal smoke damage, and the school is unsure of the cost for repairs at this time.