Libby City Council meeting; golf course subdivision may restart

By  Danielle Nason


“Sometimes its okay to disagree but not be disagreeable.” – opening prayer

The Libby city council met Monday, November 19, at The City of Libby building.

Light posts on Mineral Ave. will be inspected in the coming weeks. Some of the wreaths were not working properly last year, so this year they will be having electricians come take a look at them.

Regarding the new way finding signs, there is a possibility of getting a few in before the year’s end. The ground is freezing more and more each day, so those responsible state they may have to wait until next year.

The Lincoln County Veterans Memorial Foundation will be working on the World War One memorial statue. It  will be getting a face lift, this will cost approximately $8,000 to $10,000.

The statue will be sent to Idaho for repairs including resurfacing. They are currently taking donations from those who would be willing to help.

The VFW has asked that there be some stipulations for holding the state convention here in Libby next year. This will be discussed more at a later date.

The City-County Board of Health recommend that people get their flu shots.  They also noted in regard to air quality, that more slash piles were burned this year than in many past years. They tested, and it did not seem to affect the air quality, so they will continue to do that in the future.

Regarding zoning, the Council discussed finishing the current draft. They will then take more time to clarify if the zoning is an actual committee Zoning Commission legally.

Another topic discussed was in regard to the housing development that was planned in 2009 at the Cabinet Peaks Golf Club. Unfortunately, the project was put on hold after encounter two financial roadblocks, the economic nose dive and a extension of the city sewer at a cost of  $500-$700,000. At a previous meeting they stated (via letter) that they are willing to restart the new subdivision and update to todays standards, so long as we do not slap that hefty fee on them.  They want to restart the subdivision plan in Libby.  This was voted on and approved.

The City of Libby is looking for photos of Libby for the city’s website.  They will give photo credit to whomever submits the photos that end up being used. Please submit  high resolution pictures only.

Should Libby add a Stop sign to Mineral Avenue?  Email or write in with your yes or no vote.  Per one concerned citizen, “People come flying down there now that it’s a straight stretch.  And it is also really hard to see for small cars when you are parked next to a truck.”