Libby local pays it forward

Libby citizen “pays it forward” at the Dome Theatre. 16 year old Annie Olson of Libby Montana took her mom on a movie date to see the movie Unplanned. When Annie went to pay for the movie, she was informed that she did not have to pay.  Some generous person had left two paid tickets for someone else to use in the future.

“We had a friend of the Dome donate $100 for tickets for the weekend of UNPLANNED. Over the course of the
show, we were able to give away 15 tickets as a Pay it Forward to our
customers.” Said the Dome Theatre Management.

“Thank you. You helped make our date very special and we rarely get to have dates together. Thank you.” Said Raychel Smith of Libby, the mother of Annie Olson.

By Danielle Nason