Libby School Board’s March meeting news

By Jada Smook

The Libby Public School Board meeting was held on Monday, March 12 at 7 p.m. in the Central Administration Building. After discussing the setting of monthly meetings and minutes from previous meetings, the board discussed budget and finance reports. There was an approval of the monthly expenditures.
Resignation and retirement of teachers was next on the agenda. The following teachers will be resigning or retiring after this year: Ann Glimm, Libby Middle High School (LMHS) Math teacher, Darleen Looman, Libby Elementary School (LES) Language Arts teacher, Brenda Nagode, LMHS Band teacher, Melody Rohrer, District Technology Coordinator, Heather Ditch, LHS Speech and Drama coach, and John Love, LHS Assistant Wrestling coach. Ditch and Love will only be resigning from their coaching positions, not from their teaching positions.
New business topics discussed were the out of state choir student travel, resolution of intent to impose a change in levies, negotiations, Libby School fence signage policy, and Side-by-Side consulting services.
Regarding the out of state choir trip, Lorraine Braun sent a letter to the superintendent, Craig Barringer and school board members asking for approval to take the choir students to a competition festival in Coeur D’Alene, Idaho on May 19.
The Libby Para Educators Association requested that the board begin negotiations for the 2018-2019 contract year.
Any signs posted on the school fences will need to be approved by the superintendent’s office, and no permanent signs will be accepted. There are restrictions against certain signs, so be aware when planning events.
The Side-by-Side Consulting Services agreement would provide the school with a consultant that will serve as an onsite support person in the delivery of the Montana Comprehensive Literacy Project (MCLP). The consultant would be responsible for shared monitoring of the school’s self-assessment, student assessments and action plans, and for working with the teachers and staff as an instructional coach.
The board also recognized three students for their outstanding work and citizenship in Libby Schools. This month’s students were Savannah Lucas, Cheyenne Nielson, and Sonja Hastings.
A special meeting will be held on Monday, March 19 to discuss the LES principal process, to review application, and to select finalists for the position as well as plan interviews.
The next meeting will be on Monday, April 9 at 7 p.m.