Libby Youth Center’s Vikings reign

This year there will be a colorful, noisy and authentic group of young Viking warriors joining Libby’s Nordicfest parade.         Based at the Libby Youth Center on Utah Ave,  these young Vikings hope to entertain parade spectators with (somewhat) historically accurate costumes and props as they battle their way down Mineral Ave. on Saturday Sept. 8.

“We are trying to create Viking shields, helmets, swords and axes which are mostly historically accurate,” said Project Coordinator, Moira Blazi. ”Of course, they are made of cardboard and paper Mache, so they will take a bit of a beating, while at the same time, the kids won’t be able to hurt each other.”

Blazi said that she also hopes a bit of historical knowledge rubs off on the kids participating in the project. For example, Blazi said, Viking helmets did not have two horns coming out of them, that is purely a Hollywood representation.

Libby’s Youth Center isn’t just working on this project, they have six to eight volunteers working regularly to offer local children and teens a safe place to hang out in Libby and they are working to schedule special events such as pool tournaments and craft projects on a regular basis.

All activities at the Youth Center are free, and it is also free to sign up and spend time there.

Registered students are welcome to ride the bus to the Youth Center after school on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, when they are open until 6 p.m. said volunteer Rose Arnold.

“It’s an amazing asset for our community,” Arnold told The Montanian. “If people choose to use it.”

Call 293-6686 for more information about the Youth Center and their activities.

Youth Center artists show off their handmade Nordicfest accessories for the camera. Photo by Moira Blazi.