Libertarian candidate for congress visits Libby

By Moira Blazi


Libertarian candidate for congress, Elenor Swanson was in Libby last Saturday, at the 4th annual Kootenai Harvest Festival.

Swanson is running for Montana’s lone congressional seat against republican Greg Gianforte and democrat Kathleen Williams. Swanson, mother of four, told The Montanian that the federal deficit is a big concern of hers and she doesn’t see anyone on the ballot willing to deal with it.

“We have a federal requirement to balance the budget,” she told The Montanian. ”We send millions of U.S. dollars to foreign countries, which are not directly related to our national interests or security, and I believe this should stop”, she said. She also believes “Medicare is not fiscally sustainable.”

Hoping her candidacy will change some hearts and minds, and inform Montanans about Libertarianism, Swanson told the Montanian ”I love the idea of personal autonomy. She believes this fundamental moral principle is the foundation of our country.

Concerned with unnecessary government regulation, Swanson recognizes the federal government has become a hostile battleground, and she hopes to help folks “remember what the founding fathers intended.”

Swanson will be participating in a debate with Williams and Gianforte in Helena on Sept 29.

For more information on Eleanor Swanson and the libertarian party, find her on Facebook or go to the Montana libertarian party’s website.

Photo of Swanson at the Harvest Festival by Moira Blazi, The Montanian