Life Change Sunday observed in Troy with peaceful protest last weekend

If you were driving through Troy last Sunday afternoon, you may have spotted an usual sight for our community.

A group of about 40 people were standing along the road with signs by the museum.

According to organizer, Theresa Purdy, the event was an observance of Life Change Sunday which is held on the first Sunday in October to raise awareness about abortion.

The protestors held up signs that read  “Pray to end Abortion,” “Adoption, the loving option,” and “Abortion kills Children.”

Purdy, who attends the Catholic Church, told The Montanian that this was the third year this event has been held in Troy.

“We peacefully stand and pray for life, specifically to end abortion, but also life in general,” she said.

The group was not made up of a single church parish, several churches were invited to join.

The event followed a penny project where the Catholic church collected one penny for each abortion that would take place in a month. That’s about  88,000, according to Purdy. The money was then donated to the Pregnancy Care Center in Libby.

The peaceful protest is planned again for next year too. Anyone who would like to join is more than welcome to, Purdy said. “It helps a lot of people who are thinking about abortion or have experienced it in their lives, and it raises community awareness.”