KPFL shelter seeking volunteer support

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from KPFL


Whether you are a jack-of-all-trades or specialize in just one skill, Kootenai Pets for Life needs you. The shelter is still currently operating by appointment only due to Covid 19, but the work of its volunteers remains a daily necessity.

For 19 years volunteers have taken care of the pets at the no kill shelter in Libby and social distancing can be maintained while continuing to serve. If you are looking to make a positive difference in the community, working with KPFL’s cats and/or dogs might be for you.

Aside from feeding and socializing with the animals, all areas and kennels must be cleaned and sanitized, bedding washed and replaced, and many pets must be given medications daily.

Or perhaps you like to chat. Is your talent costumer service? We need someone that is comfortable with answering the phone, returning calls, scheduling appointments and networking with other Shelters when necessary. For those with administrative strengths, there is a consistent need for entering, organizing, and maintaining records for the shelter.

In 2019, there were 7,865 volunteer hours recorded at KPFL. Some volunteers also worked from home and many of those hours were never reported. In order to give each animal the amount of love they truly deserve, volunteers could easily find themselves doubling the amount of volunteer hours spent. To do so, however, they need your assistance.


If you like to be outside there are areas to be maintained for the safety and health of KPFL’s four-legged residents. Help walking the dogs and playing with them in their yards also a daily task. Most canine friends are often in need of some help with beginner training and socializing.

Have a bit of OCD? Consider yourself a clean freak? If running a washing machine is your forte, the daily laundry is always piled high. Someone for laundry management is a must. This position would free up other volunteers from interrupting their duties to wash bedding.

General maintenance of the 10-year-old Shelter is an ongoing mission that changes every day. A handyman or jack-of-all-trades would be an outstanding benefit to the KPFL team.

Fundraising is also an incredibly important job – especially during a time when several annual benefit events found themselves canceled. If you have the passion to gather others in help and support of a great cause, KPFL has a spot for you on their campaign committee.

Whether you have two hours a week or two hours a day in which you might like to volunteer for Kootenai Pets for Life, the shelter welcomes any help you might offer. Please call to make an appointment: 293-5735. Your call will be returned as quickly as possible (remember – we need volunteers to return your call).

Since KPFL’s was founded, over 3500 pets have been adopted out and its affordable spay/neuter clinic has facilitated over 8,000 pets. If each cat or dog had a litter of only

3, and if 4,000 of those animals were females, the number of potentially unwanted pets on the streets has been reduced by 12,000.

Every animal that comes into the KPFL shelter for adoption is either spayed or neutered, given vaccinations, and provided healthcare as needed from dental cleaning to general surgery. Adoption fees are $60 for a cat and $100 for a dog.

These fees cover only a portion of the expenses of each animal and aside from the importance of volunteers to keep the shelter open for service, financial support plays the most critical role in continuing to keep the doors at Kootenai Pets for life open year-round.

Donations can be mailed to KPFL at PO Box 1454, Libby, Mont., 59923. If you prefer to donate in person, arrangements can also be made by calling 293-5735.

The KPFL shelter is located at 125 County Shop Road in Libby.

A small litter of chow/german shepherd puppies are among some of the  four-legged residents

currently looking for homes through the KPFL shelter in Libby.

(Courtesy photo)


Aqua Therapy arrives at OrthoRebab

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Tim Whalen, DPT, OCS, and Clinic Director of the Libby and Troy OrthoRehab facilities was all smiles as he tested the waters of the new aquatic therapy pool he has been hoping to bring to his rehabilitative clientele.  Photo by Stacy Bender

Jenna Bradford, DPT, of OrthoRehab works with some of the adaptive equipment designed to create underwater resistance which she will soon be

utilizing with her clients through aqua therapy at the Libby rehabilitation clinic.

Photo by Stacy Bender


“The population of people who will benefit from the walk-in pool has always been here,” said Whalen. “But the versatility of the new technology from Hydroworx has allowed us to add aquatic therapy. We can adjust the water temperature up to 105 degrees but plan to typically keep the thermostat in the low 90s. The water level is able to rapidly change so we can increase or decrease the difficulty of each session for patients. The treadmill speed goes from .1 mph to 6 mph and there is also a jet for therapeutic massage.  From a rehab standpoint, this will allow us to be more efficient and do more with our patients than we could in a larger rehab pool.”

Whalen takes pride in serving the Lincoln county communities of both Libby and Troy. “We have a wonderful staff both in my clinic and behind the scenes that do a great job of creating a friendly,
welcoming environment and
experience for our patients,” he shared. “This is important when the population you are working with is in pain and trying to heal.”

“We also take pride in offering the latest technology and education for our therapists to stay abreast of the most efficient ways to assist our clientele in their recovery.”

“Getting the EVO by Hydroworx is just the latest in that trend, and the combination of the above has allowed us to grow and offer more to our patients here in
Libby and Troy.  We look forward to using this tool with our patients and welcome those who want more information to stop by the clinic to check it out.”

For more information or to find out how to schedule an appointment to utilize aquatic therapy, please contact the Libby OrthRehab facility at 293-8942.

by Stacy Bender