Short shares some sentiments about becoming our Sheriff

By Moira Blazi


Darren Short ran for Lincoln County sheriff because he feels there are things that need to be changed, especially communication among the fine folks who run our county. He has worked with several different local agencies and knows he can improve cooperation between them.

“Right now, there really isn’t any communication between many local agencies,” Short told The Montanian. “It’s not a gap, it’s more like a void.”

To that end, he is going to institute an intra-agency training program. “I think the guys on the street know how to work together, but some of the administrators, not so much. So, if they are comfortable with each other in training, they will be comfortable working together,” he said.

Short has just the experience to do this coming from an extensive and varied background in public service and law enforcement. His experienced includes being reserve deputy for Lincoln County, patrolman and sergeant for the Libby police department, volunteer for the Lincoln County Emergency ambulance service and David Thompson Search and Rescue, and being an international Police advisor to armed forces in Afghanistan. Short has even been an auctioneer for Kootenai Pets for Life.

“We used to work hand in hand with the Border Patrol,” Short said. “Many of the faces have changed, and there are a lot more agents now than there used to be. Right now, the Forest Service and Border Patrol are working very closely together watching for illegals here to pick morels.”

Short is prepared to hit the ground running. He’s already planning town hall meetings with most of the agencies in Lincoln County, beginning with the County Commissioners and the Lincoln County Office of Emergency Management. He aims to make these agencies more accessible than they already are, and to create a more informal atmosphere for citizen input.

Short is very appreciative of all the support he has received in his campaigns and now in his new tenure as sheriff.  “I sincerely appreciate the support I’ve received,” he told The Montanian. “I’m ready to continue to serve the people of Lincoln county.”

Above: Darren Short stops to pose for a photo while working at Logger Days two weekends ago. Photo by Moira Blazi , The Montanian.