Christian School First Quarter Honor Roll

First Grade A Honor Roll

Elayna Bauer, Vin Elliott, Hannah Hedge, Anders Montgomery

Caleb Peterson

First Grade A-B Honor Roll

Joshua Crandell, Gabby Detrick, William Niemi, Jacob O’Neal

Second Grade A Honor Roll

Bonita Behee, Ben Crandell, Halle Nixon, Micah Peterson, Hannah Warner

Third Grade A-B Honor Roll

Caelan Gray

Fourth Grade A Honor Roll

Thorin Nixon

Fourth Grade A-B Honor Roll 

Koehler Holmes, Morgan Sanderson, Jayden Sigea

Fifth Grade A Honor Roll

Zoe Warner

Fifth Grade A-B Honor Roll

Christopher Crandell, April Keiscome

Sixth Grade A Honor Roll

Jillian Stewart, Henry Rank

Sixth Grade A-B Honor Roll

Lawson Marcott, Ava Schwitzke

Seventh Grade A Honor Roll

Makenzie Niemi, Mandy Schmitt, Dylan Warner

Seventh Grade A-B Honor Roll

Halle Hoff, Warren Paulsen, Aaron Thomas, Olivia Sanderson

Eighth Grade A Honor Roll

Kate Keiscome

Ninth Grade A-B Honor Roll

Katelyn Schmitt

Twelfth Grade A-B Honor Roll

Landon Marcott

Submitted by Ruthanne Dolezal




Electric Co-op a guide to conserving energy

Your Co-op is here to make sure you’re ready to weather the season and offers these tips to prepare:

(1) Beware of cold weather energy hogs.

Commonly used winter tools such as space heaters, engine block heaters and heat tape, can really increase your electric bill. Make sure you’re aware of how much energy they use so those bills don’t catch you off guard. For example, running one 1500-watt space heater continuously for one month will cost you nearly $85! If you must use them, don’t waste money – only heat rooms while you’re spending time in them.

(2) Avoid seasonal highs and lows with Budget Billing.

The Co-op’s Budget Billing option helps stabilize monthly electric bills. The program uses your average electrical usage over the past year to determine your monthly bill amount, so you will not experience seasonal highs and lows.

(3) Take advantage of winter energy saving tips.

Lower your thermostat at night and when you’re not home or use a programmable thermostat so it’s automatic.

Open curtains on south facing windows during the day to allow the warmth from the sun then cover all windows at night to help block cold.

Weather strip or seal around your doors and windows and anywhere else you feel a draft.

Fix broken ducts and replace cracked or peeling tape on ducts.

Close your fireplace damper when there’s no fire.

Purchase LED holiday light strings to reduce the energy use of your holiday décor.

(4) Be prepared in case of a power outage.

Power outages can happen anytime – sometimes during the harshest weather. Keep flashlights or lanterns readily available for immediate needs, and prepare winter weather safety kits for your home and vehicle. If your electrical service is critical or you rely on life support equipment, have a stand-by generator available or make arrangements in advance to go to an alternate location as a precautionary measure.

(5) Get assistance if you need it.

If your account is 30 days past due, your service may be subject to disconnection. Flathead Electric Cooperative follows a disconnect policy set by the Board of Trustees (the Co-op is not governed by the Public Service Commission). Per policy, FEC never disconnects power when the predicted overnight low temperature is 15 degrees or colder. Flathead Electric never wants members to be disconnected but is especially concerned during the cold winter months. The Co-op offers resources to help members keep the power on when times are tough, so please contact them to discuss low energy assistance if you are having trouble paying your bill.

Please stop by, give FEC a call at (406) 751-4483, or visit www.flatheadelectric.com/ColdTop5.

Submitted by Wendy Ostrom



Kootenai Karacters 2020 Musical

We have selected “The Wizard of Oz” for the Kootenai Karacters 2020 Musical! Performance dates will be March 26, 27, 28, 29, 2020 at the Memorial Center.

Auditions for ages 14 and up will be Saturday, December 7, 2019 at 1:00 PM at the Maki Theater! Roles to be filled at this audition will be Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tinman, Lion, Glinda, Miss Gulch/Wicked Witch, Auntie Em, Uncle Henry, Professor/Wizard, City Guard, and the Adult Chorus.

Auditions for ages 8 to 13 will be Monday, January 6, 2020 at 6:00 PM at the Maki Theater! Roles to be filled at this audition will be the Munchkin Mayor, Munchkin Barrister, Munchkin Coroner, Munchkin City Fathers, Munchkin Lullaby League, Munchkin Lollipop Guild, The Wicked Witch’s Baddies and the Munchkin and Ozian Children’s Chorus.

We are honored to have Guest Director, Jill Olson, joining us this year! She and Musical Director, Lorraine Braun, and Set/Lights Director Steve Lethrud, and KK Board /Orchestra JoAnn Armstrong will be sitting on the Audition Panel. Rehearsal commitment will be Monday, Tuesday, and Thursdays from 6:00 to 8:00 starting in January throughout February 2020, and adding Wednesdays and Fridays as needed in March.

Please check your calendars for schedule conflicts, and be prepared to write any conflicts on your audition forms. Thank you for considering joining us for this community production! Any profits made go toward LHS Performing Arts programs! See you at auditions.

Submitted by Amy Smart

Pop up crafting ladies

On Saturday, Nov. 16 a number of Libby businesses hosted open houses, in store specials, and door prizes. Libby Floral even had a pop up make and take workshop with a hanging air plant for shoppers to make. Photo by Tracy McNew, The Montanian.