Camp Creek Coffee has moved

Submitted by Cyrus Lee, edited by The Montanian due to space constraints


Northwest Montana’s only craft coffee roaster this side of Kalispell relocated and expanded to a new storefront at 316 Mineral Avenue in Libby.

It was Logger Day Saturday, just after the parade. I’d been on the road, then family and business stuff had kept me wrapped up and I was getting ready to hit the road again and wanted to be sure I had a supply of the house favorite. I slid into one of the new diagonal parking spots, way to go City of Libby, and headed into Camp Creek for a sample and chat with Ted and Shayla Montgomery.

I mentioned to Ted that some folks seem to think Camp Creek had closed up shop, gone the way of the Dodo or something. He shook his head and chuckled. “We’re here, always open during the posted business hours, and we’re starting our second year in business this month,” said Ted. “Seems a few folks saw the old store front was closed and thought we’d given up; but we bought this place, got the roasting equipment wired in and went to work.”

Camp Creek is the only coffee roasting place on this leg of US 2 all the way to Idaho. Not a coffee shop, you get no lattes here, just roasted whole beans or ground coffee that drinks as good as it smells out of the roaster or just out of the vacuum sealed bag. “Being in rural Montana shouldn’t keep coffee lovers from locally roasted craft coffee.

Camp Creed sells 12 ounce to 5 pound bags as well as other bulk roast to both individuals and fifteen businesses that reach all over the northwest and into Canada. They do preordered deliveries of at least three bags on Friday within a ten mile radius of the new store, and they ship free though out the US for $14 a bag.”

Montgomery brings in sacks of unroasted coffee beans from Seattle, the coffee capital of America. The craft roasting and blending is where Roaster Ted makes the magic for the local coffee drinker.  Camp Creek coffee is already used in a local beer as well as in locally made ice cream. Soon it will be in a local chocolate; more on all these in later stories, I have to do some in-depth research first.

The Camp Creek crew is open during  local events days such as Logger Day, Nordic Fest, and Ignite the Nights, ask about coming to help support your local  benefit and about making local coffee your group’s fund raising choice.