By Danielle Nason


Libby 20 years ago was not quite the same as it is today, in both good ways and bad. Businesses and people come and go over time.

Back then, some of the kid’s favorite things to do were driving down “The Gut” repeatedly, going to Ben Franklin to look at animals, spinning “brodies” in the Pamida parking lot after hours, or hanging out at the baseball field at Asa Wood to play after school. And let’s not forget making a warm summer day run over to Dairy Queen for a delicious goodness of multiple varieties.

Our town is unique in its quiet charm and in the memories that it holds for so many generations.

Now, Asa Wood holds a garden paradise instead. Whether we have change, improvements or modifications of any sort, Libby will always be Libby.

Any way you look at it, some things are bound to change, and some things never do. You never know what tomorrow may bring. Life is short, so smile while you still have your teeth.

The one thing that can always lift your day and keep you on top of the world, is one of the things that Libby does well. One of the main things that Libby always seems to carry from generation to generation, is a good sense of humor.

Take a look around town to see the hilarious signs that our pun-tastic businesses put up to catch our attention. From posts on Facebook to pop up signs, there is always something fun going on to smile about.

From one side of town to the other, that is what Libby does well, they can draw a smile from passerby’s with just a witty remark.

Winner for the most unique and high flying humor goes to the Air Mail house.

Honorable mention goes to Rositas for the amazing signs that stand out in the spicy world of all thing Mexican.

Of course, there is Copper Mountain Coffee and their hilarious creativity and tasteful wording from the bean side of the word.

Last but certainly not least, let’s not forget High Spirits Liquor & Wine Store for their creative décor and best use of staff time.

There are so many businesses around town that show their humorous side. Take a peek next time you are around and see if you can spot one, or two.