Construction nearly complete on US – 2

Construction of the Swamp Creek East Project on US 2 approximately 15 miles southeast of Libby is substantially complete.

Final painting and striping is expected to take place in August. The grass along the roadside will be reseeded later this fall. Once reseeding is finished, the project will be complete.

The project included:

  • Widening the travel lanes to 12 feet.
  • Adding 4-foot shoulders on both sides of the roadway.
  • Replacing a bridge over Swamp Creek with a wider single-span concrete bridge.
  • Repaving the road surface of US 2.
  • Using Geofoam blocks as part of the road base to limit the settling of the road.

The Montana Department of Transportation thanks you for your patience throughout construction of the project

Submitted by Montana Department of Transportation


Cabinet View

Women’s League


The Cabinet View Women’s League met July 29, and had a fun day playing “Mutt and Jeff”. The winners had low gross total scores on Par 3’s and 5’s.  The winner of Group A was Barb Mee, and Shirley Chase and Phyll Mackey tied for Group B.  Low gross winner for Group A was Dee Wright and Phyll Mackey for Group B.  Christa Reisinger was net winner for Group A, and Sherry Turner and Marilee Brown tied for Group B. Christa Reisinger had a Birdie on Hole 11.

Submitted By Shirley Chase



Flathead Electric


provides scholarship opportunity for student teachers

Flathead Electric Co-op is accepting applications for its $500 fall student-teaching scholarship between August 1 and August 30. The scholarship opportunity is provided for students completing their education degree, while student teaching in Montana. The funding will be distributed in October.

To be eligible, the candidate (or their parent/legal guardian) must be a member of Flathead Electric Cooperative (served by the Co-op at their primary residence), and they must be attending an accredited post-secondary education institution in Montana. A second student teaching scholarship will be offered in the spring.

For more information or to apply, visit: www.flatheadelectric.com/scholarships.

Submitted by Wendy Ostrom Price


Business Adaptability grant



The cap on the Business Adaptability grant program has been increased to $10,000. If your organization originally applied when the cap was $5,000, you can now submit additional receipts for reimbursement to reach the $10,000 maximum amount.

Montana-based, for-profit and nonprofit businesses of any size and in good standing and have incurred eligible expenses since March 1 are eligible. Eligible expenses include costs related to communication, remote work equipment, cleaning supplies, tools to enhance social distancing and sanitation, travel and hotel costs related to quarantining worker. More information and application can be found at https://www.covidreliefmt.org/submit [covidreliefmt.org]

Businesses may apply for reimbursement to this program for up to a maximum of $10,000 (Previously $5,000)

Businesses that have already applied during the period June 1, 2020 to July 26, 2020 may submit a second (new) application to receive the difference between their original award and $10,000.

Businesses must submit all itemized receipts, invoices at the time of application.

Businesses that have already applied during the period June 1, 2020 to July 26, 2020 must submit new payment receipts and include the itemized receipt documentation spreadsheet included in the application.

Costs must be paid – and proof of payment must be clear and included with the itemize invoice/receipt documentation.

Submitted by  Mark Bostrom


Governor Bullock, MSU a

announce  a partnership to expand COVID-19 surveillance testing

Governor Steve Bullock announced on July 22 that the state will soon be able to expand surveillance COVID-19 testing for critical front-line health care personnel, essential workers and other groups thanks to a partnership with Montana State University.

Montana State University’s researchers will begin the surveillance testing next week, with a capability of testing 500 people per day. The Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services (DPHHS) will determine what Montana populations need to be tested for surveillance and then will ship the samples to a designated laboratory at MSU.

“As the state’s land-grant university, this kind of service and outreach to the people of Montana is what we are called to do,” said Montana State University President Waded Cruzado. “Montana State University’s researchers have poured their creative energies into this project as well as other important endeavors that benefit the communities we serve.

Montana State University will use four qPCR machines to do the surveillance testing at the direction of DPHHS.

“This initiative is a step in the right direction and will serve us well in helping to detect the virus among asymptomatic groups of people so that we can take quick action to stop the virus from spreading,” said Montana National Guard Major General Matthew Quinn, who is leading the Governor’s Coronavirus Task Force.

Governor Bullock also announced that the state has finalized a contract with a reference lab, MAKO Medical in North Carolina, to begin processing an anticipated 1,000 tests each day from Montana. The state will take a measured approach to ensure a reasonable turn-around time in receiving back test results.

Submitted by Marissa Perry