Troy City Council meets

September 16

The entire Troy City Council met on September sixteenth, and moved swiftly, efficiently, and carefully through the matters on the agenda. A resolution canceling an emergency declaration for Covid-19 was tabled until more information and recent developments were clarified. A resolution for a request to reserve BARSAA Funds was discussed, and the council decided that the bridge and road safety items will be completed as soon as possible, with remaining items to be completed in order of priority over the allowed five year span of time given. The resolution authorizing an agreement with Utility Service for customer warranty service line plans was approved by the City Council.

An additional resolution regarding abandoning the alley between third and fourth street and between Mill Road and Riverside Avenue was tabled for now. The council wishes to give the owner of nearby property, who is pursuing potential ownership of said parcel, time to research and consult with all other additional landowners. The next item on the agenda, was a proposal to approve recommendation of a committee for position selection of an Electric Utility Foreman / Journeyman Lineman. Utilizing a point-system method, three qualified candidates have been chosen. Clint Taylor, Troy Power and Light Manager, was present to add information on the candidates, and all agreed to assign selection numbers to all three applicants, so that in the event of one or more candidates not able to accept, the next in order candidate would be offered the position. It was also agreed that all three would complete a physical and a drug test. Upon these conditions, the motion was approved by the city council.

There was an approval of claims next, and all minutes were read through and approved. The council discussed options for traffic control signs near the Teddy Roosevelt Bridge and Riverside Park, as well as adjacent intersections and town locations. Councilwoman Shawna Kelsey reported on a mountain bike grant that she is currently working on and a potential mountain bike club for youth in the Troy area. She is also looking into monies that could be used for mountain bikes to be restored and possibly loaned out to youth on a seasonal basis. Kelsey mentioned that she is currently looking for a convenient and secure building to store these bikes over the winter. The young people that had possession of the bikes on a seasonal basis, would be responsible for maintaining the bicycles during the riding seasons. If the public has any ideas or wishes to help out with this idea, they can contact Councilwoman Kelsey.

Troy Department of Public Works has been busy working on the soccer fields, sewer lift stations, and construction of a new composite sewer sample building. Also installing new picnic tables at the museum, building a new sign at the cemetery, and fixing the water meter pits. Clint Taylor’s power and light crews have been taking care of local outages, the dam, and installing new underground services at La Vi Court, and Bear Alley. They have additionally removed 11 poles from Forest Service locations, rerouted the Freeman Ridge lines, and trimmed trees around secondary lines. The Troy Police Department has also been busy making sure all patrol cars have working surveillance equipment, winterizing vehicles, attending interview and interrogation training, and scheduling range time for practice. There was an update on the Callahan Fire discussed, and Mayor Carr thanked all fire fighters on behalf of the council. The meeting was adjourned at approximately 8:45 p.m.. Congratulations to the successful moose permit hunters present at the meeting, Chuck Ekstedt, who filled his tag with a beautiful moose this season, and Mayor Dallas Carr who was successful last season.

By Brian Baxter, The Montanian




Christian School
2020 Gala/Online

The KVCS 2020 Gala has moved online! This year’s silent auction is now open for bidding from the comfort of your own home. Proceeds from this year’s auction will help with new seating and desks for middle/high school students and aid in the next phase of the school’s roofing project.
Online bidding for this year’s auction began on Saturday, September 26, at 9:00 am and will remain open through Saturday, October 3, at 3:00 pm.  All bids can be raised in $5 increments through auction closing.
To place your bids and/or to find a sneak-peak of this year’s auction items, please visit KVCS at facebook.com/kvcs.info for the 2020 Gala/Auction link.

By Stacy Bender, The Montanian

Read With A Logger visits the Elementary school

As part of  Annual Homecoming Week tradition, students from Libby High School visited the Elementary School on Wednesday, September 23, to spend some one-on-one time in  K-6 Classrooms reading books to future Loggers.  Pictured:  Cy Stevenson reads to an attentive group of Kindergartners in Mr. Graham’s classroom at LES. (Courtesy Photo)