Residence test positive for COVID-19 at Libby Care Center of Cascadia; dedicated staff take extra measures

As the Community may be aware, Libby Care Center of Cascadia is currently caring for two residents who have tested positive with the COVID-19 virus. Libby Care Center’s leadership is communicating regularly with Lincoln County Public Health, the state lab for Montana, and our medical director, to collaborate and report as necessary and required, and to validate implementation of the most current Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) directives. Additionally, we have communicated with the residents, families and staff about the status.

When our residents test positive for COVID-19, they are placed on contact precautions in private rooms with dedicated staff. Our employees who test positive with symptoms are sent home for self-isolation and treatment. If they are asymptomatic, they may work in the COVID-only unit.

We are following and encouraging the accepted protocols on how our employees can interact in the community, including wearing masks, practicing social distancing and taking other recommended precautions. Our local leadership has been very proactive in ensuring that PPE is available to manage our Facility’s needs. We currently have adequate supplies of reusable and disposable gowns and medical masks.

While a difficult period, Libby Care Center’s dedicated staff will continue to provide the highest quality care and ensure the best possible outcomes for all of our residents as we serve as a community resource. In light of the Facility’s status we are appropriately limiting outside visitors to the Facility in line with CMS protocols. We appreciate that addressing this virus truly is a community-wide effort and we feel blessed to be in such a supportive community as Libby.

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Lutheran of Libby
welcomes and ordains Pastor

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Just a month later, Zoom would again become the vehicle through which Abigail and Hans conversed with the CLC Call Committee in Libby.  Mid-June a visit was organized and the newlyweds immediately were drawn to the local church, “We could truly imagine building our lives together here,” Abigail said, a unanimous vote from the CLC congregation and invitation extended shortly thereafter would confirm the couple’s feeling.
“Pastor Orellano has already become a voice of reassurance, hope and light in this time of a global pandemic. I’m certain she will continue to be the Shepherd we have called to lead us into a loving and strong future,” shared Naomi Nash, CLC parishioner.  Nash’s sentiment had also echoed in the ordination sermon given by Pastor Neumark.
“Abby, the good news about the sad news,” Neumark said in referring to recent milestones marked sans anticipated celebration, “is that it all puts you right where you need to be.  Close to the heart of a heartbroken world desperate for hope.”  Neumark further defined hope in more detailed light by using it’s Spanish counterpart – esperar – meaning both “hope” and “to wait for” when spoken.   Without one, the other not possible.
“I have been amazed these past few weeks,” Abigail shared recently, “First at the overwhelming welcome which Hans and I have felt, and more recently at the openness and excitement I receive from folks each time I stretch my wings a bit and ask: are you willing to try this idea?  will folks continue to listen if current events and social issues are woven into my sermons?  how far are we as a congregation willing to go in word and deed to proclaim God’s love for all?  what is next area where we can strive to do this more?”
Growing up, Abigail found herself often tagging along with her mother to many volunteer jobs at their church, Phinney Ridge Lutheran Church of Seattle.  None of her family has before served in leadership, but both of her parents were a driving example of ministry through active work in their congregation.  Confirmed at 13, Abigail’s pastor mentioned to her during class that he saw in her what could be gifts for ministry.  Abigail thought it cool to be recognized, but at that young age hadn’t made true heads-or-tails of his observation.
Global Mission work would later carry her to Mexico City, Jerusalem, the West Bank, Guatemala, and  NYC…  Libby, MT, was certainly far from the predictable as the “next stop” on her journey.  Yet Pastor Abigail has embraced the invitation with a global mindset now sown deeply and a fresh, hope-filled perspective which parishioners have repeatedly since been noting.
“It has certainly been a challenging time,” Orellano shared this past weekend.  “I think the most challenging has been keeping people connected in meaningful ways, aside from getting to simply know them more myself.”
Enriched online access, continued outreach to church elders feeling disconnected and overwhelmed by the isolation of current times, and developing virtual worship sessions for families with preschoolers have all a been part of Pastor Abigail’s recent focus.  “I am extremely grateful to have been placed with a group of dedicated church members who regularly work to make our congregation’s outreach possible.”
“And we appreciate Abigail’s fresh perspective and energy,” CLC member, Karen Enhelder, shared, “She dives in and generously gives ideas, yet easily listens and learns from others.  A great match for Christ Lutheran is she!”
Those wishing to learn more about Pastor Abigail, Christ Lutheran Church of Libby, and the growing number of ministries now offered may do so by visiting facebook.com/libbylutherans.  The church office can also be reached by calling 293-3745 or sending email inquiries to clc@kvis.net

By Stacy Bender, The Montanian