Cabinet Peaks

Medical Center

shares COVID-19 surge plan

As Lincoln County continues to see an increase in cases and community spread of COVID-19, Cabinet Peaks Medical Center is taking steps to educate and ensure the community of its readiness to care for a medical surge of patients, should the need arise.

Kate Stephens, Public Information Officer for CPMC stated, “We continue to work closely with Lincoln County Public Health and are active members of the Lincoln County COVID-19 Task Force for preparedness.  Additionally, we continue to  follow guidelines from public health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to ensure that we are as prepared as possible with the appropriate plans for the detection and treatment of COVID-19, as well as for the safety of our healthcare workers, our patients, and the general public.”

Cabinet Peaks Medical Center has surge plans in place for all patient care departments including Emergency, Acute Care, Respiratory Therapy, Obstetrics, Laboratory, Imaging, and others.  The Medical Center does have a COVID unit plan in place and is prepared to shift the current Intensive Care Unit into a COVID Respiratory Unit should the need arise.  This unit is comprised of 7 rooms and has the capacity to care for up to 14 patients at one time.  Additionally, there is the ability to expand this unit further into the medical center if needed.

However, Stephens wants the public to know that this unit would only be opened as a backup plan.  “The medical center’s first response to an influx in COVID-19 cases that need hospitalization is to transfer them to a higher level of care.  While we do have the capability, staff, skills, and equipment to care for these patients in our facility, our preference is to get them to a hospital where dedicated staff is caring for COVID patients daily.  We currently have an understanding with Kalispell Regional Medical Center to do just that.  As long as the COVID-19 respiratory unit at KRMC is not full, and our positive patients who are in need of hospitalization are healthy enough to transfer, we will be sending them to Kalispell or any other facility with a dedicated COVID unit.  Should the Kalispell COVID unit become full and we are unable to transfer the patient to another dedicated COVID facility, or the patient is too ill to transfer, we will open Cabinet Peaks Medical Center’s in house COVID Respiratory Unit at that time.”

As part of Cabinet Peaks Medical Center’s plan and current actions for COVID-19, below is a list of measures currently in place.  These measures remain in the place for the protection of our staff and our community.

All employees and visitors to CPMC must be masked at all times.  Patients at CPMC are masked unless they are in their acute care room alone.

CPMC has an internal COVID-19 task force that has been, and continues to, work diligently to keep up with current CDC regulations and guidelines.

CPMC has hand hygiene stations and products easily accessible throughout the facility.

CPMC is screening all patients in the emergency department, inpatients, and all outpatient clinics routinely based on CDC guidelines.

CPMC staff treating potential COVID-19 patients are provided with appropriate personal protective equipment to help prevent exposure.

Should CPMC identify a potential COVID-19 case, strict guidelines are in place for ensure the patient is placed in isolation for their care and the protection of CPMC staff, other patients, and visitors to the medical center.

CPMC has ensured facility capabilities and function for isolation rooms and parameters for COVID-19 patients as per CDC guidelines.

CPMC has implemented visitor restrictions and continues to evaluate the level of restriction being placed on all visitors to the facility.

At this time, only 1 designated visitor per emergency and acute care patient is allowed in the facility with the exception of the parent(s) or guardian(s) of a minor and end of life patients.

River Rock Café continues to be closed to the public.

“As this disease unfolds in Lincoln County, we continue to review our policies and the measures we have in place,” continued Stephens.  “Our administrative and clinical teams are at the ready and prepared for whatever it will bring, but it is our hope to keep our cases as low as possible and our high-risk population out of the hospital.  With that said, we do want to remind the community, once again, that our number one defense is prevention!  To help prevent the spread of any infection, especially respiratory illness such as COVID-19, wear a mask when you’re in public; stay home when you are sick; wash your hands; and avoid close contact with people who are sick!”

The medical center also emphasized that the emergency department is not the treatment place of choice for COVID-19 and should only be utilized if symptoms are urgent or emergent.  If you are experiencing mild to moderate symptoms, it is best to stay home and call public health (293-6295) or your primary care provider to be triaged over the phone.

If you have any questions related to COVID-19, please call public health at 293-6295.  If you have any questions related to Cabinet Peaks Medical Center, please call 283-7000.

Submitted by Kate Stephens


Troy High  School



various scholarships

The following members of the Troy High School class of 2020 have earned a combined $210,330 in scholarships.  This includes both the current year and renewable value of scholarships designated with an asterisk.

Laura Guinard will be attending  The University of Montana, and received the $2000 University of Montana Academic  Achievement Scholarship.

Ricki Fisher will be attending Missoula College, and received the $1000 Igniters Incentive Award.

Makayla Foote will be attending Flathead Valley Community College, and she received the $750 Flathead Valley Community College Scholarship.

Mazzy Hermes will be attending Montana State University-Bozeman. She received the $1000 Holy Trinity Diligence Award, the $500 Three Rivers Ranger District Forest Service Scholarship, the $500 Sonya Neisess Memorial Scholarship, the $500 Cabinet Peaks Medical Center Scholarship, the $1000 Troy PTA Scholarship, the $500 Kootenai Valley Rotary Club Scholarship, the $1000 Youth Serve Montana Scholarship,  and the $6000 Montana University System STEM Scholarship.

Ella Pierce will be attending Western Washing University. She received the $1000 Holy Trinity Diligence Award, and the $13,100 Western Undergraduate Exchange Scholarship.

Isabel Ramirez will be attending The University of California-Santa Cruz. She received the $1000 Holy Trinity Diligence Award,  the $500 James A Benedict Memorial Scholarship, the $500 Three Rivers Ranger District Forest Service Scholarship, the $2000 Troy All School Alumni Jim Johnston Memorial Scholarship, the $250Christy Williams Dirkes Memorial Scholarship, the $5000 Dean’s Undergraduate Award,  and the $6000 Montana University System STEM Scholarship.

Moxley Roesler-Begalke will be attending the The University of Puget Sound. Moxley received the $1000 Holy Trinity Diligence Award, the $300 Ron Osborne Memorial Scholarship, the $250 Friends of the Scotchman Peaks Wilderness Scholarship, the $250 Lincoln County Youth Soccer Association Scholarship, the $1500 Northern Lights Montana Electrical Coop Scholarship, the and $23,000 University of Puget Sound Academic Scholarship .

Katelyn Tallmadge will be attending Flathead Valley Community College. She received the $1000 Holy Trinity Diligence Award, $500 Kathy Berke/Troy Volunteer Ambulance Scholarship, the $500 Three Rivers Ranger District Forest Service Scholarship, and the $3630 Flathead Valley Community College Northwest Attendance Area Fee Waiver

Sam Walterswill be attending Flathead Valley Community College. Sam received the $1000 Holy Trinity Diligence Award, the $500 Lincoln County Credit Union Financial Literacy Award, the $1000 Troy Masonic Lodge #126 Scholarship, the $2000 Troy All School Alumni Jim Johnston Memorial Scholarship, and the $500 Montana Wilderness Association Scholarship

Submitted by Kelly Palmer