Kootenai Kiwanis Lincoln County Student Stand-Down cancelled

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Trina Kerzman


For the previous four years, Kootenai Kiwanis- with the generosity of local businesses and individuals has provided free school supplies to families in Lincoln County. These supplies are given to families with students in pre-kindergarten through 12th grade.

In normal times, we are busy providing students, and parents with the supplies to help lessen the burden of cost of school supplies. In uncertain times such as now, while we are all impacted by the Covid-19 outbreak, Kootenai Kiwanis is still trying to help by making a difference and providing needed items for students daily educational needs. The challenges are different, and we are all trying to adapt. Kids are still are our number one priority.

To assist in the schools reopening safely, Kootenai Kiwanis has been brainstorming and trying to prepare and implement many scenarios with considerations while adjusting to meet the unique needs and circumstances of the local community. Unfortunately, we are having to do some modifications ourselves, we have decided it is the best interest of our volunteers and entire community our yearly event has been cancelled. However, Schools and students are an essential part of our community infrastructure. Therefore, we will work directly with the school and teachers to provide needed items for students in need.

As schools reopen please let your individual teachers know what your individual needs are, and we will make every effort to full fill the needs of each student.

We would appreciate if you can help, if you would like to purchase and donate supplies, we can arrange a pick-up time or meet for drop-off as well. With financial contributions, we can purchase needed supplies and make sure we have enough of various school items needed for students from each grade level.

As normal we are still always in need of community support and would appreciate if you can help support our students and families by donating school supplies or even financial contributions. Please consider supporting Kootenai Kiwanis. We can arrange a pick-up time or meet for drop-off as well by calling 283-1197. Financial contributions can be mailed to Kootenai Kiwanis P.O. Box 1324 Libby Mont. 59923.

We wish everyone the best during these challenging times.


Last years Lincoln County Stand -down. Photo courtesy of Keizman

American Red Cross Blood Drive in Libby

By Moira Blazi


The American Red Cross was in town last week, collecting some life-saving blood from local citizens.

Carefully vetting each volunteer, we were first asked to complete a “rapid test” questionnaire to determine if our blood may be carrying any unwanted bugs or drugs. A finger prick hemoglobin test is performed onsite to instantly determine if the donating candidates blood is sufficiently oxygenated. Then, temperature, pulse and blood pressure tests are done before blood is drawn.

“All blood gets tested for 41 different things, including COVID-19 antibodies” Red Cross phlebotomist Bryan Caflin told The Montanian.

All blood is tested by two different labs, one in Great Falls, and one in Portland, Ore. After one bag is drawn from a volunteer, it is separated onsite into plasma, white cells, and red cells, and five vials for are for testing.

Claflin said, “ We try to keep the blood in Montana, but, since Montanans usually donate more blood than can be used in the state, some of it goes all over the country.

The Red Cross will notify each volunteer of pertinent antibodies, including Covid, that are found in their sample, as well as give notification by e-mail of where your blood was sent to.


Photo by Mora Blazi, The Montanain