Local residents share their first day of Spring experiences

By Danielle Nason


Wednesday, March 20 marked the first day of spring. Oh, the endless possibilities that exist on the first day of spring and every day afterwards until summer arrives. There is more to do than just spring cleaning outside now that the snow is melting and will soon be forgotten, replaced by sunshine.

In Switzerland, they celebrate the first day of spring with a unique flair of style, as they burn a snowman on a stake. This has been their tradition since the sixteenth century. As soon as the first flowers begin to bloom, you can say goodbye to your snowmen.

Here in Libby, Montana, things are a little more relaxed. On the first day of spring Linda Rodriguez threw frisbees outside.  Toni DePue took it to the next level and hiked up a mountain. Donna Huddleston enjoyed a walk with her four legged friend, and Michelle Korbar ate free ice cream at Dairy Queen. The bunnies are even back out downtown celebrating the green grass peeking through the snow. Here’s how a few others celebrated:

Hav-a-Java had their front window painted in a warm spring scene by Kristen Moniz-Martens of Spirited Arts.

The Libby Care Center celebrated by feeling the sunshine in their faces as they took out the new “Blessing Bike” for a spin. The bike was donated by the community of Libby.

“Wishing you all a beautiful day out in the sunshine,” said Aunt T’s Coffee Corner employees as they celebrated with delicious springy drinks.

“We sat outside in the sun for a long time today. It was so nice. I don’t know how many times I had to tell the kids to get out of the mud. So, it all ended with a bunch of baths,” said Joshua Bartle.

“We went muddy puddle jumping. And ate cookies from Stacie,” said Aurora Nason.

“Spent the day watching my three year old and three lab pups playing in mud puddles. Then celebrated my Mom’s birthday with a BBQ. It was such a beautiful day,” said Bri Hilyer.

And last but not least, some snow lovers tried to hold on to the last of winter; “I went snowmobiling and enjoyed the warm weather,” said Cory Vinson.