Montana Democratic Party Executive Director visits

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Sam Offerdahl


Montana Democratic Party Executive Director, Monica Lindeen, met with Lincoln County Democrats on Saturday, April 27 as Lindeen and staff for the statewide party continued a listening tour across Montana to discuss Democratic priorities from the legislative session and how the statewide party is gearing up for the 2020 elections.

“From day one this legislative session, just like every legislative session, Democrats focused on the things that matter to hardworking Montana families,” Lindeen said. “That includes keeping the doors open to our rural hospitals by extending Montana Medicaid and passing a job-creating infrastructure package to fund construction projects that are badly needed now.”

Democratic accomplishments during the 2019 Legislative Session include: extended Montana Medicaid expansion to continue health care coverage for 96,000 Montanans, infrastructure legislation to fix Montana’s crumbling roads and bridges and create jobs across the state,

the Firefighter Protection Act passed into law after nine legislative sessions of effort, reformed statute of limitations for child sex abuse survivors, and a package of bills to address the crisis of missing and murdered Indigenous women in Montana, including Hanna’s Act

Lindeen also spoke about how the Montana Democratic Party is preparing for the 2020 elections by recruiting candidates through the Montana Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee and the Blue Bench Project. Montana Democrats gained seats in the 2018 elections and currently hold 42 seats in the House and 20 in the Senate.

“We’re excited about the level of enthusiasm we’re seeing from Democrats across Montana who are interested in running for local, legislative and statewide offices to keep fighting for the best interests of Montanans,” Lindeen said. “There are a lot of opportunities for Democrats in our state in 2020 and right now there are a lot of conversations happening about how to best take advantage of those opportunities.”
Lindeen, along with Nick Lockridge, director of the Blue Bench Project, and Sam Offerdahl, the new communications director for the Montana Democratic Party, met with local Democrats at the Elk’s in Libby on Saturday afternoon. Lindeen, Lockridge and Offerdahl began their listening tour in Red Lodge on March 19, with stops in Billings, Baker, Forsyth, Glendive, Sidney, Glasgow, Lewistown, Bozeman, Choteau, Chinook, Havre, Superior and Trout Creek.

Lindeen grew up in Yellowstone County and raised her family in Huntley Project, just outside of Billings. She became the executive director of the Montana Democratic Party in January of this year.