Mountain Rose Counselling offers domestic violence support group

By Moira Blazi


Mountain Rose counselling is offering a weekly domestic abuse support group every Monday.

“We held our first meeting last night, (Oct. 15), with two people in attendance,” group leader and certified therapist Kristin Koening told The Montanian.

“This group is for people who have survived any kind domestic violence. There are many forms of domestic abuse: physical, yes, but also verbal, emotional and spiritual. Also, it is not necessarily partner focused. Abuse can come from other family members,” she continued. Although the group will incorporate some elements of an “AA style” group, allowing people to share personal experiences, the group is more therapeutically oriented, led by certified clinical counselor Koening.

Oriented towards those experiencing abuse and violence in the home, Koening acknowledged, there is also societal violence all of us have to contend with.

“We are barraged by opinions and thoughts that may be in conflict with what we believe. Its on Facebook, and really everywhere, and although we allow it in, it still affects us,” she explained. “This group is really for anyone who feels bullied or intimidated by their environment.”

The domestic abuse group is free to those without insurance, “but, if they have Medicaid or Medicare, I can bill,” she added with a smile.

Although it may have been mentioned on their Facebook pages, the Mountain Rose support group is not affiliated with either the Domestic Violence support group, or the Advocacy Center.

For more info call Mountain Rose Counseling at 293-5768.

Kristen Koening of Mountain Rose Counselling. Photo by Moira Blazi, The Montanian.