Cabinet Peaks Medical Center recently teamed up with Best Practice Medicine to bring state of the art simulation training to the staff at CPMC. The most recent session covered post-partum hemorrhage.

While it’s perfectly normal to experience some blood loss during childbirth, up to six percent of women have excessive blood loss, called postpartum hemorrhage, or PPH. This occurs when the uterus fails to contract after birth. Maternal mortality from blood loss occurs when PPH is not recognized early and effective interventions are not initiated in time.  Simulation practice provides several training opportunities for understanding the dynamics of PPH so that medical teams may respond appropriately and save lives.

“This type of education allows staff to practice their skills in real time on high fidelity manikins that talk, bleed, and can even give birth,” explained Stacey Wood, CPMC’s Employee Health and Education Nurse. “Being able to practice these scenarios as if it were real helps staff be better prepared for when the unexpected happens here with our patients. The simulations offered by Best Practice Medicine ensure that CPMC staff are following the current standards of care in emergency situations.”

The simulation was very well attended. Those present were a mix of staff nurses from multiple areas in the facility, respiratory therapists, and providers.

Submitted by Kate Stephens