Snowest magazine features Libby in November issue

By Tracy McNew


Don’t forget to pick up November’s issue of Snowest. The magazine whose title includes the phrase, “The Authority for Western Snowmobiling,” visited Libby last spring and now they’ve written a  feature story about their experience snowmobiling in Libby. The story will appear in this month’s issue of the magazine. It is titled, “North by Northwest: Libby Delivers the Goods.” It highlights Lane Lindstrom’s visit to snowmobile in the mountains around Libby.

The article promotes local winter tourism and local businesses by mentioning both Brian Gilmore of Northwest Motorsports, and Andy Remp of Dream Marine. Gilmore and Remp, along with members of the Lincoln County SkoKat Club spent time with Lindstrom last March showing off the unique snowmobiling opportunities around Libby.

The article describes rides to Baldy Mountain and Quartz Mountain, and although their second day of riding was full of cloud cover, it was touted as a highlight under a subheading “Mountain Goating.”

The article features five pages of beautiful photos, positive feedback about our community’s recreational opportunities, and even a breakdown of the local area including how to get here, where to buy gas, places to stay, and more.

According to Lindstrom’s article, “It’s the total package indeed. Libby delivers the goods.”

SnoKat Club member, Joe Miller, told The Montanian, “It’s really great exposure for Libby and our winter recreation opportunities.”

Snowest’s trip to Libby was funded by a grant from Glacier County and coordinated by the Libby Area Chamber of Commerce.