The amazing Camp Elohim, summer fun close to home

By Riley McNew, age 10


Fourth and fifth graders from all around the area learned to play gaga ball and carpet ball last week near Bull Lake.

These fun games were part of an amazing camp, Camp Elohim.

Elohim is a Christian camp. Their message is to teach kids about God and to have lots and lots of fun.

Two times each day, campers attended chapel to learn about Jesus Christ. In addition, campers hiked, rafted on the Kootenai River, shot guns, and played on the world’s biggest teeter-totter.

The most popular part of camp was the games, like gaga ball. Archery was also very popular.

This summer they are holding camps for older and younger kids too.

For the fourth and fifth graders, camp was a sleep away experience. Younger kids can only attend day camp at Elohim.

Both boys and girls attended last week’s camp together, but they had separate cabins. Groups stayed with their counsellors in the cabins, and each kid  had chores to do every day. My chores were to take out the trash and clean the toilet and believe it or not, I still had fun.

The camp and it’s volunteers are helping the community by teaching about God and giving kids opportunities to do things they normally don’t get to do. It also helps teach about being responsible.

I definitely want to go back to Camp Elohim next year because it was awesome. Thank you to all of the camp counselors and volunteers for making the week so much fun.

(picture) Fourth and fifth grade campers present a play summarizing the bible book Philippians during parent night at Camp Elohim last Thursday.

Photo by Tracy McNew, The Montanian