Troy City Council Meeting; new disposal regulations

By Brian Baxter


Troy City Council met on Wednesday evening, Feb. 20 at 7 p.m. to discuss a few topics of new business. The meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance, then past minutes were read. In attendance were Mayor Dallas Carr, City Clerk Tracy Rebo, Council President Crystal Denton, and City Council Members Chuck Ekstedt, T.J. Boswell, and Shawna Kelsey.

The first topics discussed were a three-part set of regulations regarding solid waste disposal, areas designated for disposal of solid waste, and recycling. At present, here is how the regulations read. Disposal sites, “It shall be unlawful for any person, firm, corporation or other entity not licensed by the City or Lincoln County, and not under contract with the owner or occupant of the premises, to knowingly search through or remove any solid waste or liquid placed for collection at a solid waste disposal site, including but not limited to curbsides, alleyways, parking lots, streets, green boxes or other disposal sites. This section shall not restrict the authority of law enforcement officials to conduct a search of solid waste.”

As far as the areas designated for disposal of solid waste, the regulations now read “No person shall dump any refuse, ashes, manure, garbage, or debris of any character whatsoever in any part or portion of the City, except at the containers and places designated and marked for such purpose by the City or Lincoln County.”

The recycling of materials was partially addressed as such, “Recyclable materials placed at an authorized disposal site for collection by an authorized recycling contractor becomes the property of the authorized recycling contractor.” A few exceptions are added in the language.

Councilman T.J. Boswell asked for more specific language and stated the need for more signs stating rules for each material. Burning regulations were discussed briefly.

The council will check with the Fire Chief on the wording for burning, and Tracy Rebo, the City Clerk will edit and reword, getting back to the council next meeting. A report from Clint Taylor, Manager of Troy Power & Light included updates on power outages, snowplowing, tree trimming, crew evaluations and vehicle maintenance. City of Troy Police reported training with the schools for active threats on Feb. 8, and stated that they are taking applications for Reserve officers.

Public Works Foreman Dave Friedman and the crews have been busy with these low temperatures and over thirty-six inches of snow recently. They have been involved with construction of the new building for the museum, employee performance evaluations, winterization of the restrooms at the boat launch, plowing snow and sanding for general street care and for Police, Fire, and Emergency services, water shut offs for customers with frozen pipes, and CPR and First Aid Training.

Last on the evening docket was an application for a City Business License from Josie Hermes, owner of Glacier Gateway Property Management. Discussion of the Troy housing situation followed, with Mayor Carr saying that “We are trying to get help from the state with the Troy housing situation.” The application was approved by the council, and the meeting wrapped up at approximately 8:15 p.m.