Troy City Council Meeting; Public Works Department works on repairs

By Brian Baxter

The Troy City Council meeting held on Wednesday, Jan. 16 was a brief gathering with not too much on the docket.

City of Troy Police reported for the month of January. The report included announcing Leadership and Executive Leadership Training That will be held by the MELI Academy in Helena, Mont. Officers will attend.

Also, Libby is hosting instructor development in April. Troy would like to get as many officers as possible into that training as well. The City of Troy Police will be doing CPR, First Aid, and AED refresher programs with reserves on Feb. 16.

The Public Works Department report submitted by Dave Norman on Jan. 16 included work in a number of areas. Drilling a well at the cemetery, snow plowing, work on the new building for the museum, helping Clint with Christmas decorations, cleaning storm drains, and fixing a broken water valve for the skating pond were all on the list.

Doreen’s Housecleaning submitted an application for a business license. A business entitled 3rd St. Medical also submitted a business license application.

Also, a new Resolution No. 2019-759 was submitted, providing for the amendment of the budget for the fiscal year 2018/2019. This resolution states that whereas the City of Troy, Mont. deems it necessary to amend the budget for fiscal year 2018/2019 to increase funding for the purchase of the Backhoe and the Bi-Yearly Payment of the Backhoe in General Fund, the Water Utility Fund, the Sewer Utility Fund, and the Electric Utility Fund, increase funding for Park Construction in General Fund, and increase in 911 Emergency Fund for yearly Text to 911.

An increase in revenue in General Fund for Donations and Grant that were not budgeted for. An increase in revenue in the Electric Utility Fund for Pole Sales.

All three of the above business applications and the resolution were approved during the meeting.

The following day, The Montanian contacted Mayor Carr to get a bit more information on the work at the cemetery.  Carr stated that this project was in stage one of the plan. Last fall the council approved a plan to add water lines to the 100 year old cemetery. As Carr stated, “We want to upgrade the cemetery with water power, but keep the beauty and history of the past.” The idea would be to add sprinkler systems, water, pump, and valves to a new area, but preserve the look of the past cemetery.

The council meeting was adjourned at approximately 7:45 p.m.