Troy School Board’s agenda is all good

By Zandra Johnson


Troy public schools held their monthly school board meeting on Monday, September 10 at 6 p.m. in the Troy High School library.

Multiple students and staff members were recognized during the meeting for outstanding work.

Trevor Guinard was named Elementary citizen of the week.

Cody and Knox Todd were recognized for assisting with preparation for the morning announcements of “METV” at Morrison Elementary.    High School students, Rik Jandron, Mackenzie Hurlbutt, and Izzy Ramirez were honored for going above and beyond.

High School students recognized for positive leadership and school spirit included Mazzy Hermes, Montana Rice, Harlee Huisentruit, and Paige Chapel.

High School Principal, Christina Schertel, commented to them, “I want to thank you guys for your positive school leadership this year and your enthusiasm. You always have this bright energy, you have been working really hard to make our school positive this year.” Also, one high school student was recognized for kindness to others, Emily Ramirez went out of her way to assist new students.

The school board discussed thanking the Baptist Church for their generous donations of school supplies to Troy public schools, and discussed how librarian, Kay Randall, had received the Outstanding Educator of the Year in Reading award from the Northwest Montana Reading Council.

Ms. Randall has been a vital supporter of reading and a positive influence on students as well as members of the community over the span of her career.

Lastly, staff member, Heidi Sedler, was acknowledged for working hard to organize school safety.

The high school student council was discussed next. The group auctioned off ten parking spaces for students in order to raise money for their general fund. Over $250 was collected from the auction to put towards future projects. The group plans to make sports buttons to sell to parents at games as well. They also  plan to volunteer and do face painting for younger students at games, and they are making plans for their upcoming Homecoming week.

The board discussed F.A.C.T. night at Morrison Elementary.  F.A.C.T. night will be held on Tuesday, Sept. 25 at 6:30 p.m., parents are asked to attend this meeting to work with staff and support student learning.

Two grants were discussed. One grant for $2,500 was recently received from Hecla to help fund the After School Program. Another grant for $5,000 was recently completed. It was from ghe Methodist Visionary Committee to help fund the After School Program.

Troy public schools is offering multiple adult education courses this fall for members of the community. Classes require registration, a small fee, and may have a minimum and maximum number of participants. Some of the courses offered include yoga, cooking, Spanish, woodworking, and even fly tying. Registration ends firmly on Sept. 26. Contact Allison Lundin by email at alundin@troyk for more information.

The next Troy school board meeting is scheduled for Oct. 9 at 6 p.m.