Weekly Horoscope

Aries Clean up messes, and resolve misunderstandings with a partner before it festers into long-term damage. Handle responsibilities on time. Stay in communication.


Taurus Demands and requests could flood in. Move to instill order into a chaotic situation. Get support with a busy rush. Put in support structures.


Gemini Enjoy the game. Focus on important priorities, and let the little stuff go. Forgive rude outbursts. Let heated moments cool. Love is fundamental.


Cancer Make repairs to keep domestic functionality flowing. Make improvements for long-term benefit. Measure thrice, and cut once. Research before purchasing. Restore workability for your family.


Leo  Keep communication channels open. Keep your agreements. Forgive small transgressions. Be determined rather than dissuaded. Listen more than you speak. Consider deeply, and then choose freely.


Virgo Compute expenses and do the math before making a big purchase. Clear clutter and free up space. Keeping producing income. Maintain positive cash flow.


Libra You can get past this obstacle. Release outworn attitudes and suppositions. Own and clean your own messes. Stand for what you want.


Scorpio Find a quiet place to consider recent changes. Relax, and consider from another view. Strengthen foundational infrastructure. Imagination provides innovative solutions. Meditate and rest.


Sagittarius Reach out to friends. Offer and request support. Pull together to navigate a challenge. Clarify issues first, and then cooperate. Get expert feedback.


Capricorn Provide support for a professional problem. Clean up a mess, and restore integrity. Follow the money trail. Put in a long-term correction.


Aquarius Stick to short trips rather than long-distance excursions to avoid delays and travel breakdowns. Make backup plans. News may impact your journey. Study and explore locally.


Pisces Follow the rules closely with financial choices, or risk long-term consequences. Resolve a disagreement over priorities. Get everyone on the same page. Costs vary widely.

Horoscopes by Nancy Black, Tribune Content Agency.