Doug Crum attacked

By Danielle Nason


You may have heard by now, Doug Crum was attacked on his routine Sunday afternoon walk on Nov. 11 along the trail at the end of River Road in Libby.

The alleged attacker, later identified as Michael Borchardt Robertson, 24, of Yakima, Wash., attacked and stabbed Crum ten times. Mr. Crum was able to use bear spray on Robertson and make his escape home to his wife Dolly.

Crum’s quick thinking enabled him to tell a passerby of his attack and to call 911. His wife was able to get him to Cabinet Peaks Medical Center.  Sheriff’s Deputies were able to question Crum and get a description of the attacker, and deputies found and arrested Robertson a short distance away from the scene of the attack.

Crum was flown to Kalispell Regional Medical Center for treatment, and by Monday, Nov. 12 he was reportedly in stable condition. On Thursday he was back in Libby at Cabinet Peaks Medical Center.

“Mr. Crum is as tough as they get. He will pull through just fine I’m sure,” said Kevin Ender.

Crum and his quick thinking may have saved other lives. If he had not been aware of his surroundings, he could have missed seeing the man following him that afternoon. But instead, that man is in the Lincoln County Jail, unable to harm others. So, let’s not give the man that committed the crime any further attention, lets focus on the victim of this senseless attack. Let’s talk about the man that we all know Crum to be.

“Mr. Crum. A very wise man that is prepared and saved himself with bear spray. We wish you a fast and full recovery and I salute you for your bravery and courage,” said Gary T. Britton of Troy.

“Doug is about the nicest guy one could meet. I hope healing will be speedy,” Cherie Souther shared with The Montanian.

We wish you a speedy recovery Mr. Crum.