“Bridge of Voices” strikes controversy

This is nothing more than misguided people trying to justify their existence.

I have been across the bridge thousands of times, and have never seen any of the people mentioned, that think they have found a great tourist attraction. What about the nesting eagles, osprey, ducks, geese, etc.? Do they like wind chimes? Who will be responsible when one of these things falls, killing someone or sinking a boat?

The people who live near the haul-bridge and those who I have seen many times there, should stop this nonsense. Repairs to the haul bridge should be the most important agenda, the structural integrity is questionable.


Brian Todd, of Libby, Mont.

Why I don’t buy into the “flu season”

When did the ‘flu season” join the ranks of nature’s four seasons?  We all know the four seasons: winter, spring, summer and fall.

The “flu season” is a manmade term introduced to sell a product: mainly the flu vaccine.       The influenza virus is actually around all the time; it doesn’t fly north for the winter and snow down upon us. Why then do people tend to get sick during the winter months? Some of the common denominators are spending less time in the sunlight, less water intake, less exercise, less warmth, more sugar, and more stress from the holidays. We create an environment which decreases our immune system function. The flu is not a season, it’s our body’s inability to adapt.

Study results showed flu vaccine recipients had 5.5 times more respiratory illness. Here’s a partial breakdown of the study results:

Reference: Increased Risk of Non-influenza Respiratory Virus Infections Associated With Receipt of Inactivated Influenza Vaccine; Clinical Infectious Diseases; Benjamin J. Cowling, Vicky J. Fang, Hiroshi Nishiura,
Kwok-Hung Chan, Sophia Ng, Dennis K. M.lp, Susan S. Chiu, Gabriel M. Leung} and J. S. Malik Peir; DOI: 10.1093/cid/cis307

The “flu shot” does not support the immune system. In fact, it can actually cause one to be more susceptible to respiratory infections. “Now you know the rest of the story,” as Paul Harvey so liked to say.

So, what can we do to support our immune system? Eat a balanced diet that includes fresh or dried fruit, berries, and dark green and orange vegetables. Exercise and get enough sunlight outdoors. When unable to get adequate Vitamin D from the sun, a natural Vitamin D3 is often recommended. Warmth is important. Dress warm in cold weather and bundle your precious children before they go outdoors. Dress them in warm layers and wool socks when your house is cool. They are closer to the floor where the air is cooler. Drink plenty of pure filtered water, get plenty of sleep, limit sugary sweets, and find healthy ways to deal with stress.

Is there anything else to help our immune systems to adapt?  Yes, there is. It’s called Homeoprophylaxis or “HP.” HP is available for influenza, as an alternative to the flu shot, and as an alternative to vaccines for each childhood infectious disease. HP does not contain the list of toxic ingredients that vaccines do and clinical studies show safety and effectiveness in training the immune system to resist specific infectious diseases.


Mary Baenen, Libby, Mont.

Mary Baenen C.Hom, C.HP grew up in Libby Mont., graduating salutatorian of her class from Libby Sr. High. She is a Homeopathic Practitioner and Certified HP Supervisor. She may be contacted at Fourfold Wellness in Sandpoint, Idaho (208) 597-7151 or visit www.fourfoldwellness.com for more information.