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Global warming or global cooling? A local perspective

I remember back in the 70’s. The talk was global cooling. Then in the 80’s, early 90’s, it went to global warming. Then around 2000 Al Gore and the global warming artists came out and said that in this period of time that we’re living in now, snow and ice would be a thing of the past. To that I say, “global warming my frozen ***.”  I guess with record cold and snows in many parts of the united states it’s just a figment of our imagination.

Los Angeles in the month of February this year broke a 130-year record of cold. Of course, you won’t hear that information on the mainstream media news because it doesn’t fit the global warming narrative now called “climate change.”

Yes, the climate does change, and has been for millions of years; to see the future you must look at the past, warming and cooling are no more than cycles. Our thermostat is the sun. Many experts believe the sun is entering into a period of solar hibernation and comparing it to a time a little over 200 years ago called the Dalton Minimum, which started around 1800 lasting through 1830.

Some experts believe this next cycle of cold could be even colder than the Dalton Minimum and has started lasting through 2050. I’ve learned that if you want the truth, just turn what the mainstream fake news media says opposite. Global warming or global cooling? The debate will continue….

Daniel Misiuk, Libby Mont.