This weeks business feature: Snowshoe Wreaths

By: Jada Smook

Michellle Lamey and Jolene Williams previously owned and operated a greenhouse which was turned into Snowshoe Wreaths in 2006. Showshoe Wreaths currently has three employees. The business sells between 300 and 400 wreaths every year.

Snowshoe Wreaths is a locally owned business located at 903 B Mineral Ave. in Libby. You can drop by with your orders between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m., Monday through Saturday. Their business phone number is (406) 291-9700, so if you have not yet ordered some of your needed Christmas decorations, then be sure to give them a call or stop by.

Snowshoe Wreaths offers more than just wreaths, items such as scented oils, rustic antlers, specialty ribbon designs, centerpieces, large swags, mini mantel swags, sled swags, and Red Dog Wood hearts or crescent half-moons are available for purchase.

All products are locally harvested from their own goods and they are hand decorated. Their items can be shipped all over the world, in fact the farthest they have shipped, so far, was Antarctica.

Michelle Lamey and Jolene Williams have many goals and future plans for their business. Two main goals are to keep their business local and to find a more permanent location.

The business eventually wishes to make a hedge maze tribute in dedication to local Libby loggers and miners. The hedge maze would contain cornerstones of the miner’s and logger’s histories to provide information to the public that might not be known.

Be sure to make your orders before their Dec. 20 deadline for Christmas!