Weekly Tax Tip

Montana Tax Tip: Property Tax Release for Disabled Veterans

Montana veterans have through April 15 to apply for the Montana Disabled Veteran Assistance Program, which can provide relief on property taxes.

Veterans with 100 percent service-related disabilities and their unmarried surviving spouses may be eligible.

Single veterans may qualify if their federal adjusted gross income is less than $52,507. That limit is $60,585 for veterans who are married or head of household, and $45,775 for unmarried surviving spouses.

Depending on income, the program can reduce general property taxes by 50 to 100 percent on a primary residence.

As long as the applicant owns and lives in his or her home, that application will remain active and the department will send a letter each year with the homeowner’s current status in the program.


For more information call the Department of Revenue at (406) 444-6900 or visit revenue.mt.gov.