Albert Breitenstein, 85, of Troy

In the early evening of July 28, the Yaaks last Great Historian left his Earthly confines to partake in a much deserved rest. Kenneth Albert Breitenstein, 85, passed away at home to join his departed loved ones. Born August 9th, 1934 to Albert and Margaret Breitenstein, the eldest of two sons, Ken would choose a path in life that closely paralleled his beloved father, Albert.

He spent time in exploration and with that had a vast and intimate knowledge of the Yaak and the surrounding area. From the old town site of Silvanite’s ruins, lost in the 1910 fire, the Lost Boyd’s Mine, the Old N.F. Cabin along the Canadian Border, to the furthest and most obscure lookout tower, CCC Camp, and especially turn of the century mine sites sprawled out in every corner of Lincoln County. These replaced only by his chosen occupation of Logger, of which he stated boldly is slightly ahead of only his hobby, logging. Although early on he found work with the USFS and almost every single Timber Company a man can name who has intimate knowledge of the rich history of Logging in this area.

This would eventually lead to his profession as owner and operator of Breitenstein Logging. Prior to this he would find his anchor and lifelong companion when he married the lovely Edith Beverly Tiffany of Eureka, Mont. in 1956.

In April of 1957 they were blessed with a healthy baby girl, Elizabeth Ann Breitenstein and again in June of 1959 they added the last child to their family, Kenneth Lee Breitenstein. Although currently working around the northern area of Lincoln County, Ken and Edith made their way to the last place they would ever live. A homestead once owned by the Roderick family on the South Fork of the Yaak River. It bordered the homestead Ken had grown up on to the North. As time does always do, in time he made it his own and it is arguably the most pristine and well maintained 160 acre parcels of land ever to be trodden upon by those who have been fortunate enough to tread upon it. This took them many years of happiness and of heartache to achieve, though through sheer force of will and fortitude of spirit, the land reflected his mind’s eye.

Sadly as this world he helped mold ends for him he leaves his daughter, Elizabeth, and two grandchildren, Brian and Mandy behind in his immense shadow. Numerous others whom live will not be mentioned yet know who they are. As for those whom went before him, they are numerous and also will also go unnamed because they have already been etched upon the stone slabs that mark them.

Friend, Father, Mentor, Hero. We Love You and We Will Miss You. Rest In Peace

Graveside services were held at 11 a.m., Tuesday, August 11,  at Tobacco Valley Cemetery in Eureka.  Arrangements are by Schnackenberg Funeral Home in Libby.  Online condolences and memories may be shared at


Kenneth Waldamar Sorensen, 74, of


Kenneth Waldamar Sorensen, 74 years old, passed away Saturday, August 1 in Helena, Montana after a long battle with Parkinson’s disease. He is survived by his spouse, Evelyne Sorensen and four children: Jeremy, Jessica, Ingrid and Gabe. He is preceded in death by his six-year old son, Christian Sorensen. In addition, he was blessed with 13 grandchildren who adored their “Papie”! His life journey began in Sidney, Mont., with six siblings ( Shirley Hanson, Jerry Joyce Hartnett, Bernice, Maxine Sorensen Goosey Sheryl Sorensen and Orlan Sorensen) venturing to Montana State in Bozeman, having acquired a degree in Industrial Arts. He and Evelyne married in Gap, France in 1972; henceforth, sharing his love for woodworking while teaching at Libby High School for five years. Afterwards, he pursued a business and owned Kootenai Transfer and Storage for nearly 31 years. He blessed Libby with his passion for community involvement by serving on Rotary and City Council, while sharing his singing abilities with the Treasure Tones. Furthermore, his interest in restoring his Model A, and owning over 150 vehicles throughout the course of his life, showcase his dedication and talent. His greatest achievement was his positive attitude and wit amidst his physical challenges, while sharing his love for life with all he encountered. He is truly admirable and a soul who no doubt touched the lives of others for the better while here. God bless him on his journey.
Simple Cremation Montana has assisted the family.