Is the grass really greener “over there”?

A recent letter to the editor expounded on the USA’s deplorable situation compared to other nations. I can’t help but wonder if that person actually knows someone who has personally had to deal with the situation in those countries?

I have 2 non-American friends with personal experience in health care:

  1. A friend in Fort St John BC was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had to wait one year for scheduled surgery.
  2. An 89 year old widow near Frankfurt Germany has been very sick during this past year, most recently affecting her brain. When I asked if she had been to the hospital, she responded – “Oh no, they are so overcrowded. It is not a good place to be.”

Are we simply frustrated and think “people in charge” are doing something wrong? Somebody is responsible and needs to be blamed?

Are we plagued by erroneous expectations and wishful thinking when looking beyond ourselves into areas beyond our expertise?

Wisdom says it’s not wise to compare ourselves with others, but evaluate ourselves on a standard of reality. An old Indian proverb says – don’t judge another until you’ve walked a mile in his moccasins.

I don’t see much of that wisdom being exercised among our media, Congressmen, or “us spectators.”  We all like to be wise, choose sides, and consider ourselves having wisdom…

But what determines our credibility for speaking with authority?

I thank God for those with integrity who are willing to offer themselves to serve others in spite of the challenges – whether in business, politics, or medicine – especially considering the abuse we consuming spectators cast on them. The laborer is worthy of his hire.

Corruption in any realm is destructive to us all. If it were not for God’s mercy and long suffering, not willing that anyone be lost, the human race would have self-destructed long ago. May we each accept personal responsibility for our own dominions, recognize the “stories” we are in NO position to verify, and pray for those distant from our own realm.


Laura McGlasson, Libby, Mont.

Energy is everything, and climate change is not new

Carbon is a solid black substance.  Oxygen is a colorless, odorless gas.  Combine these two and you have CO2, a colorless, odorless NON- TOXIC GAS!  There is no sound science to prove that CO2 produces global warming which in turn supposedly causes climate change. Carbon in the air?  Where does this claim of tons of carbon being produced by combustion come from?

Smoke in the air is simply unburned Carbon produced along with CO2 (a gas) and H2O (steam-water).  Forest fires release a lot of smoke (carbon) but controlled burning in power generation plants as well as blue flame burning for heat in your home, does not.

So why all the commotion over how and where CO2 is produced?

Under false pretenses governments are forcing the close-down of energy producing oil, gas and coal production along with mining.  Without  energy we would not have transportation, communication or manufacturing industries which provide all the things that make people happy and comfortable.  Civilization would return to the stone ages burning wood, if available, for warmth.

Wind and sun cannot, without government subsidy produce economically, along with numerous other disadvantages, enough energy to meet  all our needs.

With the killing of above industries government cannot tax people enough to provide sufficient energy to perform all the jobs that support the economy.  We must keep open our manufacturing operations and realize that CO2-caused climate change is nothing but a huge lie created by globalist schemers to control the entire world, the economy and its populations.  It’s just that simple. Climate has been changing, with or without people, since the earth was formed!


Clarice Ryan, Bigfork, Mont.