Join the fight: locals set out to start a revolution

First off my husband and I would like to explain our point of view and values. We believe in kindness, caring, trust, integrity, mutual respect, honesty, professionalism and just plain decency. To us these things are the cornerstones of what this country was built on and seem to have fallen by the wasteside. We are not perfect by any means, have made our share of mistakes and have been pushed past our limits but we have also taken responsibility for our mistakes and have learned from them.

Law enforcement, county attorneys, city, county, and state officials should be expected to live and work by these standards and be held to a higher standard than any and all common citizens.

So many citizens with morals and values are now running for the hills to get away from what our country has become. Those of us that can’t are left with a choice to forget our morals or keep our morals, be treated poorly by the people with no morals and live our lives the best way we can.

Please understand that we do not want to cause any issues with anyone. We only want to try to correct a flaw we found within the system.

We have spoken to the Libby mayor Mr. Teske who said he has no authority over any county officials, county commissioner Mr. Peck who said he has no authority over the Lincoln county sheriff’s department or county attorneys, has no issues with their actions and will stand by his people, governor Bullock who said he has no authority over elected officials, attorney general’s office who said they have no authority, department of justice who said they have no authority and referred me back to the sheriff, Sheriff Short who has completely ignored us and the complaint we sent him, citizens advocate (which informed us they have received numerous complaints from all over the state of Montana in regards to law enforcement but have no authority), Senator Daines who said he has no authority over any city, county or state officials, Congressman Gainforte’s who also told us he has no authority, legislator Mr. Cuffe who also said no one has authority over elected officials, asked me to setup a meeting with Mr. Short and be willing to push a reset button (meaning let it all go and let them get away with what they have done to us) and legislator Mr. Gunderson who never responded to me at all. Basically we have been told by every city, county and state official they have no authority over law enforcement, county attorneys or any elected officials.

Please help by joining the fight to raise the moral and ethical standards by which we hold ourselves and our elected/state officials accountable for and change the laws and policies that currently allow all elected officials to do and say what they please, when they please and to whom they please with no repercussions from anyone. The more people that can show how bad these issues are, the better chance we have of making changes for every citizen in the state of Montana!!



Jennifer Wells, Libby, Mont.