Leading Cause of death in American

It is a sad fact that abortion is the leading cause of death in our nation…not cancer, heart disease, stroke, automobile accidents or drug over doses.

The total now stands a 55 MILLION dead since Roe vs Wade – considered by most legal experts to be one of the worst Supreme court decisions ever.

Mao killed 65 million Chinese. Stalin killed 40 million Russians. Hitler killed 11 million.

How very grim that the U.S. rates right up there with the worst of history’s butchers. How grim that U.S. taxpayers are forced to support this slaughter…not only here at home but even overseas as Nancy Pelosi et al push to fund international abortion via tax funded foreign aid.

Fortunately, Trump has made it clear he will veto any legislation that funds international abortion, he should do the same for any funds headed to Planned Parenthood as well. Mrs. Pelosi claims to be some sort of Roman Catholic and sanctimoniously quotes St. Francis of Assisi – maybe she should heed the words of the Pope named for that saint: “Every life counts: from the beginning to the end, from conception to natural death.” Maybe America should heed those words as well and end the holocaust that is abortion.


  1. A. Disney, Libby, Mont.