Libby City Council resignation letter

Mayor Teske, et al,

It is with regret that I must inform you that I will resign my position as Libby City Councilman, effective March 31, 2018. I will be leaving this position for personal reasons that won’t allow me to fulfill my duties as a City Councilman to the fullest extent needed.
The reasons follow:
Last September, I suffered a stress-related TIA (mini-stroke), that had no detectable physical source. It was during the time I was deciding whether or not to run for election. I am an active and fairly hi-strung individual and relentless in trying to do things right, sometimes to my own detriment. I am also 74 years old in a few days, and have to pay more attention to my own health. I now realize that this job, especially to an outsider like myself, is a full-time task just to catch up with the local history. I have worn myself out in the effort, and will now stop and reassess my life.
The second reason that forces this decision is the effect my Tinnitus has on every discussion or meeting I attend. The ringing I hear day and night consists of six or more constant high frequency tones, those found within the upper two octaves of the piano, constantly, at a volume beyond all but the loudest of background noises. This ringing masks the hard consonants in speech. Once one letter is lost in a word, I’ll struggle to match context, and then lose the thread of a conversation, which is constantly raising my stress level, merely struggling to understand the spoken word. This source of stress is itself considered a form of PTSD by the medical community, as there is a tendency for those of us with severe tinnitus to withdraw and avoid social contact.
The third reason that forces this decision is the sudden change in the fortunes of my wife’s father, who at 90 years old has just entered the Care Center after a fall and broken leg, pneumonia, and other maladies. Her mother and father are needing help right now on a daily basis, and it already is the most important mission in my life to help them as much as I am able, at a difficult time in all of our lives.
In closing, I would like to say how much I will miss working with all of the great City Staff, especially Mr. Hammons and Mrs. McCollum, Jackie & Jodi, at City Hall. I will also miss working with Mrs. Williams, Ms. Smith, Mr. Beach, Mr.
Zimmerman and Mr. Teske. I thank them all for helping me find my feet here.
I can only hope that I have been of some value to the City during my short time on Libby City Council.

Gary W. Armstrong, Libby