Lord knows we’re not perfect!

Here at The Montani-an we work hard to pro-vide you, our readers, with local news that’s informative, creative, and accurate.
Boy, we blew it! We printed a story on Turner Mountain that should have been a wonderful piece. The article should have brought you, the reader, into the early days of Turner Mountain and allowed you to relive the years of hard work and drive that has made Turner Mountain the wonderful success that it is today.
Unfortunately, it took you to the original draft with the author’s notes left on the page for all to see and an incomplete story.
We have published the correct article in this week’s edition for two reasons. Tracy McNew, our editor, is a wonderful writer. She was out of town when the Feb. 7 edi-tion was released. She returned recently and was devastated that the article she took so much time and care on was not on the page, but her notes were.
The second reason is, we received a call from a Libby citizen who was understandably upset that the history of Turner Mountain had been so brutally butchered with misspelled names and disjointed, run- on sen-tences. This person did not want a retraction or correction printed, but how can we not?
We work here as a team. We are proud of this team. The Montanian is one entity that’s made up of a great staff. When The Montanian doesn’t show as well as we would like, we all work harder to bring about the change it takes to make it better.
We apologize to all of you for the Feb. 7 edition of The Montanian. That paper should have never gone to print with that article on the front page. We would also like to apologize personally to anyone in the article who may have been misrepre-sented in any way. That is never our intention.
Our promise to you, our readers, is just this: we will try to make The Montanian the newspaper that you, our readers, would like for it to be. We will be extra vigilant when it comes to proof-ing. We will always be here to listen to you and your concerns for this community. Finally, we will give a voice to Libby and its residents every chance we get.
Thank you for your continued support and my new found knowledge. Everyone, does indeed read The Montanian!
Submitted by Angie Weth-erell, Editorial Assistant, The Montanian