Medicaid is critical for healthcare

Montana’s scenic landscape has always been a treasure to its rural residents. When it comes to receiving health care, however, our rural residents face a lot of hurdles. Thankfully, Medicaid’s coverage extends well into the communities that stretch across our great state, providing them with accessible and innovative coverage for the healthcare they need.

Medicaid is able to deliver cost-saving coverage to nearly 70 million Americans nationwide—including more rural Montana residents than you might think and over 2,300 adults alone in Lincoln County. At the Montana Primary Care Association, 40 percent of the patients served at Montana’s community health centers receive coverage through Medicaid. This program has proven invaluable to households across the state that may otherwise have difficulties accessing care.

As innovation and technology within Medicaid develops, it is more important than ever for Montana’s residents to recognize the value of the program. Medicaid works to innovatively improve access to care and continues to expand the number of patients with access to healthcare providers. Additionally, because it assists with transportation services, Medicaid has removed some of the barriers surrounding trips to the receive both preventive and chronic care.

Many rural communities across Montana have benefitted from enhanced access to health care thanks to Medicaid. Hopefully people understand the critical role Medicaid plays in the state’s healthcare system.


Stacey Anderson, Policy Director, Montana Primary Care Association

Troy’s Christmas program changes

After 39 years of organizing “The Give a Helping Band Christmas Program” I will regretfully have to retire the program this year. My health being as it is, I am unable to find the energy to continue another year.

A special thank you to my very helpful daughter, Billie Brue, sons, Rick Bragg, and Roy Stanton, and of course, my husband, Harold Stanton, who put up with all the phone calls and craziness etc.

I wish to thank all of you who have steadfastly helped to keep the program going by helping so many children in need. I will not be able to list all of my helpers as there were so many. A program like this takes the help of many who work wrapping, purchasing, getting the gifts on the tables to hand out to the families, making sure the packages go to the correct person, picking up gifts purchased by people needing them picked up, making stockings and filling them, and more.

Summer McDonald has started up a new program similar to my program. I feel she will do a great job, she is so enthusiastic about helping those in need. Good Luck Summer! I truly wish you well.

I sincerely hope everyone who has supported me on my endeavor will continue to help Summer out. Everyone coming together to help the less fortunate makes us all feel good.

Please contact Summer to sign up your child (children) for a gift or to volunteer or to take a child’s wish or need.

You only have until November 1 to sign up your child to get on the program.

Tags will be available until December 1 unless filled earlier for volunteers wishing to help with gifts. Summer’s phone number is 406-334-5239.


Fran Stanton, Troy, Mont