Oct. 6 domestic violence walk

I am writing to you on this warm spring day to ask you a favor. I am a young mother of two lovely little girls and had many dreams for all of us. I imagine it is very beautiful in Libby right now, with the snow-capped mountains, the daffodils blooming and the green, how I loved the green. My girls are most likely leaping with joy right now that summer is on the way and that means lots of fun and popsicle streaked bellies. I can almost see their little faces lit up by the warmth of the sun and their baby soft hair bouncing when they run. I will miss this and the fact that they are going to school, graduating and maybe going off to college. Something I wanted to do myself. I’ll never see their pretty prom dresses or the glorious white one as they walk down the aisle. I’ll never hold a grand baby or have a silly ole grandma book to show off to my friends. No, Libby, I am gone now, my life taken from me and my children by my abuser.
On a crisp fall day in the matter of minutes I was gone… I am writing you to ask you a big favor: please remember me. Don’t let my death be in vain; let me stand for something. Something important and substantial. I intend on making an impact statement on October 6, 2018, two years after my death. There will be a walk in my honor and that of other victims of domestic violence from 7:30 until 9 p.m. I hope to take back the night with the help of you Libby, to remind people that domestic violence will not heal itself, that it takes a community to assure it does not harm any more young women like me.
The walk will begin at the end of Mineral Ave. by Achievements park, and end with a celebration at the Libby Care Center cafeteria.
Did you know that Lincoln County Crisis Solutions receives 1,200 calls a year and shelters 300 women and children a year currently? Can you for a moment imagine the fear of being abused and the unrest that goes along with it? Having nothing but the clothes on your back and your purse if you’re lucky.
Please make this important to you and yours. Mark your calendars Oct. 6. Let’s be 100 strong holding candles of light as we take back the night. I’ll be there too you see, because I will never be far from my mother’s heart and she will lead the march that evening. Wear purple, bring signs of support, and help me make an impact on our town. We have to find a way to end this and empower others to leave their abusers before it’s too late.
Please don’t let me become a statistic and soon forgotten, remember me. Be the force for good we need in this town, to stop this crisis and assure that little girls have their mommies for a long time.

Sincerely, Sheena Devine with help from a friend.
Submitted by Kandis Peterson of Libby.