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KVCS’s lighting and playground thank you

Flathead Electric’s incentive and rebate program for upgrading lighting in schools allowed Kootenai Valley Christian School to replace all of our outdated lights with energy efficient fixtures this spring. In addition to Flathead Electric’s generosity, several local volunteers offered their professional expertise and labor to help install new, energy efficient lighting throughout the entire school. We truly appreciate the opportunity to be the beneficiaries of this strategic facility upgrade, and we wish to thank all who participated in this project.

It has also been amazing to see KVCS students, parents, extended family members, teachers and community organizations join the effort to raise funds to create a new, high-tech playground in South Libby. The present playground is more than 60 years old, and over the years has become depleted of play equipment. Although KVCS was informed this week that we were not chosen to receive the matching grant money, we are grateful for the momentum that this potential created. New playground equipment will be ordered this week, and we cannot wait to see the smiles and hear the laughter of students and neighborhood children when they see the transformation of this barren playground into an incredible play area. We extend our sincere thanks for every individual and group contribution that has been invested to make this dream a reality for our community.

Kootenai Valley Christian School


Submitted by Ruthanne Dolezal of Libby, Mont